Friday, December 15, 2017

Waiting still sucks, and we’ve all been doing plenty of it.

Today, HBO released its first full official trailer for the upcoming season of True Blood (premiering on June 10th), and it does not disappoint.

To sum this all up, things explode, Law and Order SVU alum Christopher Meloni looks fantastically menacing in the role of “The Authority”, former (current?) Fellowship of the Sun leader Reverend Newlin seems to be just as religious about his vampirism as he was about killing vampires, someone gets buried, Arlene ends up on a milk carton, Lafayette thinks Sookie is a problem, Jason’s fed up with vampires (again), Sookie continues to make the rounds with every attractive paranormal male in Bon Temps who saves her from something, Russell Edgington is back, and… Eric and Pam are in bed together?

Less than one month to go.

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  • Season 5 already? I still need to watch season 3 & 4.