Friday, February 23, 2018

The Tick will have a big presence at SDCC 2017

The Tick is back, and there will be a big presence for the cult superhero at SDCC this year.


Spoooooon !!! The cry goes out and evil is put on notice. Cult superhero The Tick is back, thanks to

Amazon. Originally a comic book series in the late 80s created by, written by and illustrated by Ben

Edlund. Everyone’s favorite big blue guy has done it all. An animated series, co-produced and written by

Ben Edlund, that ran for three seasons in the mid 90s. The short lived ( 9 episodes) but, brilliant live

action TV show, written by and executive produced by Ben Edlund. This introduced most of us to the

comedic genius of Patrick Warburton, who played The Tick, in 2001.


Now, over 15 years later, our nigh invulnerable hero returns. Amazon is coming to San Diego Comic

Con and they are bringing The Tick and Arthur with them. First up is The Tick Takeover at J Street and

1st Street. Wednesday through Sunday face your destiny! Then head under the sails, Friday 3-4 pm, for a

limited autograph session. (I do mean limited, so check the Comic Con website for autograph rules.)

Lastly, chum, The Tick panel. Friday, July 21st, 4:45-5:45, Room 6A. We will get our first viewing of

episode 2 of this brand new series. Moderated by the man of a dozen voices, Ralph Garman himself! The

panel will include the executive producers David Fury and Barry Josephson, Tick creator Ben Edlund and

the cast of this hilarious cavalcade. Scott Speiser (The Punishment), Brendon Hines (Superian), Yara

Martinez (Ms. Lint), Valorie Curry (Dot Everest), Jackie Earle Haley ( The Terror), Griffin Newman as

Arthur and Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick.


Doing a little research on Peter Serafinowicz turned up a very intriguing acting career. This man has

worked along side Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead, Run Fatboy Run and Worlds End. He is an

accomplished voice over actor on everything from Adventure Time, Dark Souls 2 as well as Doctor Who.

My personal favorite part of his career is his time in the world if British comedy; Little Britain, I’m Alan

Partridge and especially Black Books.


After my first viewing of The Tick episode one, I knew I was hooked. Watching Arthur stumble

(literally) on his road to become a hero, laughing uproariously at The Tick’s rooftop speeches and being

introduced to the new versions of old friends. The jazzy background music reminds one of the 90s cartoon

catchy theme song. Hearing Tick call Arthur “chum”, in an homage to the 1960s Batman TV show. The

Tick is the superhero we all want to be. Arthur is the superhero we probably would be. This show is

everything I want it to be.

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