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Vampire Diaries Recap: “The Murder of One
Original Air Date (The CW): Friday March 28th–2012
Season 3 Episode 18

Favorite Quote: “Poor Elena Gilbert, savior of the cursed and damned.” – Caroline

Damon and Stefan, with the help of Alaric, get to a bit of whittling. The gang all meets up in the woods so Damon and Stefan can share that they have white oak stakes in order to kill the Originals. They slowly start forging plans and even practicing some ways to rid of them.

Finn makes his return without Esther only to be found by Klaus who is still trying to find away to break the link between them.  Sage finally gets to have the chance to see Finn again and is more than thrilled to know he’s still alive. She gets to confess to him that she still loves him and doesn’t want him to die, which brings a smile to his face. We get to see how they interact, only to be vervained with the help of Tyler and Stefan.  Then, Sage loses her only love and wants her revenge but doesn’t quite get it before dropping dead.

Rebekah, being the ever-vengeful type, decides she has some unfinished business with Damon…only to knife him, kidnap him, hang him up and torture him slowly. Damon probably never thought that Rebekah was that into being ever-so-kinky. She has the desire to use Damon to do her biding by slowly bleeding him dry of his vervain to possibly have him kill Stefan or Elena. Bonnie even has the chance to free Damon herself but won’t, because of what he may have done to her mother, but still calls Elena to let her know about Damon and Klaus. Klaus takes Bonnie in order to help him cast a spell to break the link between his siblings even to the point of using Jeremy to persuade her. He even offers to help bring Bonnie’s mother to her, but then turns it into a threat. Unfortunately for Bonnie, she completes the spell just before the staking of Finn — which prevents the link from killing them all.

I have to say the best scene of the whole night has to be Elena coming to rescue Damon for once. He’s so weak from blood lost they can barely making it out of the house and she’s not going to leave him. So she offers her wrist so he can drink up and the intense feeling of it all leads him to lean in and kiss her but….he wakes up to find he’s still hanging there and Rebekah’s even jealous of a little daydream. Twist of the night is that when an Original dies it means their entire bloodline dies with them, which means if the Originals don’t exist then neither will vampires. The hardest part is figuring out the bloodlines that connect back to the Originals, and they realize that if they do kill Klaus one will die for certain: Tyler.

Next Episode: April 19th–2012 (Heart of Darkness)

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