February 17, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Recap: “I can hear everything you’re saying about Damon the vampire gigolo.”

The Vampire Diaries

by Vampire Renee:

The Vampire Diaries | 03×15 – All My Children
Original Air Date: February 9th–2012

Overview:  Elena learns about a startling indiscretion by Damon with Rebekah. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Abby take part in a ritual to appease the spirits of nature with Esther. Elijah gives Damon and Stefan a dangerous ultimatum that puts Elena in danger.

Favorite Quote: “I can hear everything you’re saying about Damon the vampire gigolo.” –Caroline


  • Not caring drinking like there is no tomorrow Damon is back — Yay!
  • The Original Family seems to be slowly falling apart while trying to be brought together.
  • Bonnie trying to practice the privacy spell with Elena while Caroline keeps coming in with her commentary.
  • Damon and Stefan fighting over who gets to play hero this week for Elena – if only regular girls were so lucky.
  • Elijah taking Elena on a little tour of the forest, and the cave from his perspective when they were younger, only for him to find out the truth that Elena has been hiding from him.
  • Now Damon is all worried about Elena again while talking to Alaric and the ever curious (and possibly psycho) doctor.
  • Damon helps plan the demise of the Originals to save Elena, and includes a blonde distraction name Caroline just for Klaus.
  • Klaus being as charming as ever, daring Caroline to get to know each other — and admits again the he likes her.
  • Elena having another small victory over Rebekah by ending up in the only part of the cave where no vampires are allowed.
  • Alaric and Dr. Fell having a touching moment and oddly trusting Damon and Stefan – something seems off there.
  • Damon and Stefan talking in the car, trying to be all calm, and thinking ‘what would Elena do’ while trying to keep those feelings bottled up.
  • Elijah’s apology letter to Elena about it all; so traditional and meaningful.
  • Finding out that the cedar tree that might be able to kill them could have reproduced — so their safety isn’t a guarantee yet.


  • The sad almost emotional tone at the beginning when Elena calls Stefan and he doesn’t pick up, but then called Damon and has awoken in bed with Rebekah – he’s over it.
  • Elena comes over to find Rebekah leaving the house and she’s not happy about it.
  • Elijah taking Elena underground and she can’t get any cell reception down there.
  • Bonnie and Abbey talking to Esther about helping to ‘protect nature’.
  • Rebekah is on guard duty to keep Elena in the cave, and videotaping it for prosperity.
  • Elijah giving Damon and Stefan no choice but to help him or Elena dies by Rebekah’s hand.
  • To make sure that once they are turned mortal that they will die because of Finn’s sacrifice of his life.
  • Klaus realizing what was going on; he stops Damon’s little plan but only makes Elijah move forward with his threat to Elena’s life.
  • Rebekah being ‘spontaneous’ while tossing gasoline at Elena and trying to burn her out of the protected part of the cave — then Elena uses tough little mind tricks to get Rebekah to hold off on killing her.
  • Damon stopping the bloodline of witches that Esther is channelling by snapping Abbey’s neck – think another loss of a mother would be too soon again for Bonnie, and instead makes Abbey a vampire
  • Bonnie not wanting to see Elena (because it’s all Elena’s fault), and Bonnie is always the one that’s gets hurt — but Elena just wants to once be there for the one person that’s always been there for her.
  • Damon despite all his love for Elena stepping down again because he’s a better bad guy –- thought girls like the bad boys.
  • Klaus burning the drawings of Caroline in the fireplace.
  • Dr. Fell having a dagger and other incriminating evidence and shoots Alaric for finding the stuff.


  • Where did Esther and Finn really go when they went up in smoke after the power source was severed?
  • Almost a whole month before the next new episode and vampire hotness? No!

Next Episode:  March 15th–2012 (1912)

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