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by Vampire Renee:

Vampire Diaries Recap: “Before Sunset”
Original Air Date (The CW): Thursday May 3rd–2012
Season 3 Episode 21

Favorite Quote: “Gotta say, I’m team Bonnie on this one. How hard can it be to parch a vampire?” – Damon

Alaric, thanks to Bonnie, with the push of Esther, has completed the change — despite reservations about becoming the ultimate immortal and hunter. He’s already on his mission, not even caring about the victims in his path. For being the ultimate immortal he’s still limited by the sunlight without a ring, and no witch can truly make an immortal without some kind of loophole. Bonnie, yet again, is the one that seems to come to the rescue — along with the return with her mother. And to stop Alaric means that that Bonnie needs to stop the heart of someone, and it’s not what one might think. Even though Jeremy is the sacrifice, it’s really Elena. Since her blood was used in the spell, when Elena dies so does Alaric, which makes the expiration date part of the spell make sense.

Elena and Jeremy decide it’s time for fresh starts, knowing that the house really is their own now without Jenna and Alaric. Jeremy, thanks to Damon’s compulsion, is still in the dark about some vampire things, even the fact that he is/was technically one himself. Elena receives a phone call from Alaric to inform her that he has Caroline in the school. He’s using them both as bait so that Klaus will turn himself in to be sacrificed, so Esther can finally have an end to her children’s lives.

Klaus shows up and needs a few items before he leaves town, one of which includes a doppelganger.  He wants to get in to get her despite not knowing she’s gone already to the school to save Caroline. Klaus stops at nothing to bring down the house to get to her but is stopped in his tracks when Stefan finally tells him Elena isn’t here, and if he doesn’t turn himself over to Alaric then both Elena and Caroline die. I have to wonder for a moment if Klaus stops more because of the precious doppelganger blood or for the woman he’s become very fond of, even with her constant rejections. Klaus reveals to Stefan that he thinks that he’s on team Stelena and thinks Damon is a waste of time for Elena. Klaus of course makes sure that Caroline is the one that is safe and her safety is his concern.

Finally, Tyler’s true test, if he’s no longer sire bonded by Klaus, comes when he finds Elena tied up in a chair while Klaus drains her dry. One can see the internal struggle within Tyler whether to stay and help Elena or go and get the blood bags for Klaus. Of course, Tyler comes back to free her, only to be spotted by Klaus and he knows the sire bond is over. And is it possible that because Tyler is a hybrid, he might not die completely if Klaus is killed? When will Bonnie learn that using Jeremy as a guinea pig for her spells only seems to play with her feelings for him?

Love the awkward moment at the end when Damon and Stefan have to hear Elena express that she doesn’t want to lose either of them if she chooses. She might have to decide one day, but as it stands now she has her friends around her — which is all the family she will ever need… and tequila included.

In other news, CW announced today that the Vampire Diaries has been picked up for another season and will return in the fall with all new episodes after next week’s season 3 finale.

Next Episode: May 10th–2012 (The Departed)

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