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by Vampire Renee:

Secret Circle Recap: “Sacrifice”
Original Air Date (The CW): Friday March 29th–2012
Season 1 Episode 18

Favorite Quote: “We’ll all burn together.” – Samuel

Despite the elixir that Cassie and Adam used to stop them from loving each other, it’s very apparent that a love so strong can’t be completely taken way; more so for Cassie but can still see it with Adam a bit. However, other memories might be a bit fuzzy for Adam — even forgetting that he taught Cassie how to hold the tray for work. There almost seems to be an odd personality change in Adam that’s really hard to explain, but kind of annoying at the same time, because it’s almost uncaring…not like it’s his fault.

Eben shows up chasing a guy for some reason, possibly linked to magic but with them you never know for sure what those witch-hunters are up to. The guy being chased ends up in Jake’s room and they tussle a bit.  Cassie, seeing it all from her window, rushes over only to find out that he’s a friend: Samuel. He’s there to talk to John and get his help because Eben is resurrecting demons, just like John did 16 years ago with a sacrifice of an innocent person. Samuel turns out to be already infected with the demon and John plans to rid of it even without his magic that he claims not to have anymore, but manages to trap the demon in a cast circle. Eben has now released the demons into himself — making him stronger but dangerous.

John tries to be dad with Cassie; it’s cute to see him try but only after saving them from the ‘curse’ that he so conveniently set up. Inviting her out to mini golf…really? That’s the best idea to come up with when you barely know your own daughter? Yet, all the time he’s lying to her about not having any magic when he really does and uses just the right moment to reveal that not only to Cassie but also the rest of the circle. Only to tell her the reason he wasn’t using his was to convince Cassie to stop using her own dark magic.

Faye, Diana and Melissa help Adam with the event for the hockey team. The ever-mysterious Grant is there during the setup, and has Adam present Diana with a glass — correction flute of ginger-ale since Adam wouldn’t serve the bubbly. Diana leaves to go on a skating date with Grant, ditching the set-up to find out later that he’s not all what he claims to be. Faye and Melissa like the same guy at the party but Melissa finds an unlikely teammate in Adam to help win the guy’s attention over Faye, but he then switches sides to help Faye as well. Only to then learn Kyle already has a girlfriend, which makes Adam very upset and not like himself about the hockey player flirting with Faye and Melissa. Diana has no room in her life for liars like Grant but when has she ever been open and honest to him about her magic?

Each one of the families in the circle has a crystal; each on their own have powers, but bonding together has the most powerful of magic.

Now the biggest question for next week is who was the person in the coffin that John dug up, and why is he unearthing it now?

Next Episode: April 19th–2012 (Crystal)

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