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by Vampire Renee:

The Secret Circle | 01×14 Valentine
Original Air Date: February 9th–2012

Overview:  Faye and Melissa throw a slumber party on Valentine’s Day and things get wild when Diana is given a mood-altering potion. Meanwhile, Cassie is haunted by the spirits of some vengeful witches.

Favorite Quote:  “Think of it as my version of a dozen red roses.”  –Lee


  • Adam trying to ask Cassie out for Valentine’s Day but will go on a date on a less ‘pressure-filled’ date.
  • Jake attacking Isaac about the event on the boat only to find out that the medallion has now put them all in danger, and telling him to give it to the witch hunter – like that’s going happen.
  • Cassie running into Adam after seeing something in the basement of the abandoned house only to discover nothing is there.
  • Diana finally having some fun at the slumber party, turning the pizza guy hot, but ends up kissing Lee and not the pizza boy — until he does show up and then kisses him too.
  • The girls using the Ouija board to contact the ‘ghosts’ that Cassie saw and the medallion spells out ‘SACRED’.
  •  Jake finally has a moment of clarity and decides it’s time to find Cassie, and tell her about the medallion.
  • Adam setting up a little romantic night on the boat and was waiting, when Jake shows up and they both realize that something might have happened to Cassie.
  • Diana standing up to Faye about the friendship with Melissa.
  • Cassie destroying the medallion to save Adam, and preventing from handing it over to Isaac.
  • Faye and Diana making sure that no one leaves Melissa as a friend.
  • Cassie seeing the boat Valentine’s Day dinner set up – all wrapped in a kiss.
  • Faye waking up in bed with Jake – big mistake… and mistake round two.
  • Lee showing up with a ‘creepy doll’ to see Faye after returning back – way to that girl’s heart is magic.
  • Adam giving in to allow Jake to help.  Only for Jake to not tell Cassie about what is going on with what Isaac told him.
  • Melissa and the devil’s spirit, while convincing Diana to try it – sharing is caring, but hugs not drugs.
  • The medallion moving against the kitchen island and the hooded beings multiplying.
  • Jake meeting with Isaac again learning that the medallion will kill them, and the people after Cassie are the witches that want their powers back.
  • The witches using the medallion to choke Cassie while she’s driving to meet with Adam — causing an accident.
  • Cassie chasing after the hooded dead witches in the dark to (possibly) the church where they were killed… which gives them more power against her.
  • Melissa having a reaction to the devil’s spirit, leaving Faye and Diana to save her.
  • The dead witches possessing Adam in the church to get the medallion.
  • Lee using Faye to help heal/bring his girlfriend back.


  • What is with the hooded man – this is not going to be like some bloody Valentine horror movie.
  • The hand at the end with the impression of the medallion in it.

Next Episode:  February 16th –2012 (Return)

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