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The Secret Circle Recap: “…there’s also the whole, ‘our family line is pure evil,’ thing.”

by Vampire Renee:

The Secret Circle | 01×15 Return 
Original Air Date: February 16th–2012

Overview:  An evil figure from Cassie’s past arrives in town and asks her for the medallion she found in the charred remains of her house after a fire killed her parents. Later, Cassie is kidnapped by a band of witch-hunters. Meanwhile, Faye and Diana become concerned when Melissa starts spending more time with Callum.

Favorite Quote:  “Yeah, there’s also the whole, ‘our family line is pure evil,’ thing.”  –Cassie


  • Cassie’s Grandmother is back (but not really, she just wants to sleep in her own bed), only to be scared half to death by Jake — who thought someone was in the house.
  • Cassie got a job while Adam gives her so pointers – someone is being a normal teenager.
  • John, Cassie’s father shows up at the door and makes an interesting entrance.
  • Cassie’s talk with her father at the pier.  So real and emotional, even with him now wanting to protect her and also wanting the medallion.
  • Melissa and Callum’s moment(s) at the party; cute but still kind of weird and creepy for the most part.
  • Jake telling the witch hunters that he will turn over John for Cassie’s safety.
  • Faye finding out about the totem from Lee from Melissa and Faye finally seeing some light in Lee’s white lies.
  • Lee and Callum’s little fight over the witches and their powers – was kind of amusing in a non-violent and cocky kind of way.
  • John not wanting to hurt Cassie to save his own life while she’s under the spell.
  • The Circle coming to the aid of Jake while under arrest by the witch hunter.
  • The Circle banding together to restore Cassie’s free well before killing her father.
  • John is staying despite the fact there is no medallion, and for Cassie.
  • John thanking Jake for protecting Cassie, and wanting to work together because ‘it’s only the beginning’.
  • Cassie going to the comfort of Adam’s arms.


  • Faye being the ever supportive friend of Cassie’s new job at the coffee house when Callum shows up.
  • The odd moment between Cassie and her father regarding anyone knowing that he’s alive or back.
  • Melissa hanging out with Callum even after everything that happened at the anti-valentine sleepover
  • Lee playing all nice and offering (with Faye and Diana) to get Melissa from Callum’s party while his girlfriend lays in the next room with them unaware.
  • One of the witch hunters attacking Cassie in the car.
  • John almost breaking Jake’s arm for knowing there is something going on with Cassie (that she’s been taken by the witch hunters).
  • Jake being handed over to the witch hunters for Cassie’s safety.
  • The witch hunter disappearing despite his injuries from the Circle and the tree.
  • Lee showing up in Faye’s room only to admit he’s going to find another way get her power, then kisses her – more bad choices while the mysterious girlfriend wakes up.


  • The black drops that the witch hunter puts into Cassie’s eyes and mouth – which might be the ‘magic’ that gets Cassie to kill her own father.

Next Episode:  March 15th–2012 (Lucky)

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