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by Vampire Renee:

Secret Circle Recap: “Curse”
Original Air Date (The CW): March 22nd–2012 
Season 1 Episode 17

Favorite Quote: “Maybe we aren’t the dating kind of soul mates.” –Cassie

Destiny might just be a curse. Adam and Cassie finally learn about the consequences to their actions which would explain the crows at the end of the last episode. After their night together they reminisce about the first time they did magic together; even then we knew that this moment was coming. There is a curse between the two families and the birds were a harbinger.

Faye shows her real feelings for Lee (or obsessed according to her friends) since she hasn’t seen him since the casino night. The girls have her back while trying to look for Lee since Faye is convinced that something has happened with him. Which really as far as we know when Jake left town she never thought twice about him until he returned. She and Eva’s moments bring back that guarded and sharp-tongued Faye that just seems to get to us. We also learn that Eva’s powers are really Faye’s which might just show that Faye is a very powerful witch despite what she says sometimes and it’s reflected in Eva because of what Lee did to save her. The look on Faye’s face says it all when she sees Lee’s current state. I’m not quite sure how breaking the stick just takes the power away that helped bring her back and not take her back to her almost dead state.

Cassie visits her grandmother to learn about the curse. She doesn’t remember (thanks to Dawn and Charles) who Cassie really is–thinking it’s her daughter. Making it seem like someone’s jealousy for the fate between the Blakes and Conants, that cut-away of John’s face seems to reveal something. Someone in the circle is cursed to die, which seems to affect more of the love triangle since Jake is stricken with something. Conveniently, John has a cure/spell to break the curse. John must see himself in Jake to help with all this.

We can really see how the relationships in the circle and recent events still stab a few hearts–like the expression on Diana’s face when the circle is informed about Cassie and Adam’s activities. Even Jake, while in the process of dying, doesn’t seem to be pleased–and sure isn’t fairing well. Jake feels the needs to ask questions, tease and be jealous, thinking he’s the one that belongs to be with Cassie and not Jake. This could be quite possibly the same feelings or events that John might have experienced when Amelia and Ethan were together before.

I’m not sure of the true intentions of Dawn and Charles; first it was all about getting their powers back while hiding the fact that their children have the circle. Now it seems they are all about finding out more about John’s return and about what he’s doing.

The moment with Cassie and Adam and the elixir is so moving, it almost reminds me of the ending scene of Romeo and Juliet with the poison. Most people might think that messing with love might be along the lines of dark magic, which is something Cassie most of all is trying to get away from. It’s so odd to see the morning after effect of the elixir, so different from the day before almost awkward and strange. Yet, it’s heartbreaking that Cassie is the only one left with all the feelings and memories while Adam gets to walk away like nothing happened–but sometimes you don’t need an elixir for that.

Next Episode: March 29th–2012 (Sacrifice)

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