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The Secret Circle Recap: “Its power is more than I have ever experienced. It’s dark and seductive.”

by Vampire Renee:

Secret Circle Recap: “Family” (Series Finale)
Original Air Date (The CW): Thursday May 10th–2012
Season 1 Episode 22

Favorite Quote:  “Its power is more than I have ever experienced. It’s dark and seductive.” – Cassie

Faye, having been taken by Eben and the witch hunters, is being held as leverage against the Circle. And the Circle no longer has much trust for John Blackwell, having manipulated their parents. Eben only wants one of the crystals so they can’t form the skull in exchange for Faye’s release. They believe their circle magic has the strength to stop the witch hunters. Not only does the circle now realize, but so does Charles and Dawn with all this his lies and manipulation know that they need John’s help now more than ever. However, when the skull is joined together from the crystals then the bond connecting the circle will be broken.

The joining of the crystal with John, Cassie and Diana seems to not only give strength to the individuals of the circle but also weakens them. The power of the skull brings out the power hunger in both John and Cassie but Cassie is the one with the intentions of bringing down Eben. John has some other plans for the skull as well as trying to make Cassie and Diana the witches they were always meant to be. Diana and Cassie realize again that John is trying to do the same thing he tried to do to their parents. They find out that the skulls real use is to kill witches that aren’t from the Balcoin bloodline. With Adam trying to help but Cassie become conscious, her power isn’t strong enough alone, she unleashes Diana’s powers to fight again John.

With the circle now unbound, Jake, Adam and Melissa are on watch of the ferry to try and release Faye. Faye is able to release herself with her powers back but her attitude always seems to get the better of her. They find Faye in the ferry and Jake, whether out of concern or just passion, gives her a kiss…but Eben ruins it and is determined to rid of them. Soon, they are all tied up with only Adam or Diana and Charles to come and save them at this point while the ferry burns again. Jake finally gets the revenge that he’s been secretly harboring, and probably part of the reason why he joined the witch hunters before joining the circles.

Charles contacts his mother so they she can get back his and Dawn’s powers to help protect the children. Only to then find out that when their power was taken away it was destroyed, but Charles’s mother (most likely because of Diana) is willing to hand over her powers to them. Charles also informed her about Diana and his mother feels the same way that no matter what Diana is theirs and always will be. Charles and Diana make it in time to the ferry because anyone is hurt while Charles tries to get the demons out of Eben, Diana goes to save Jake, Faye and Melissa. Charles then sacrifices himself, taking on the demons for Diana and to save them all from Eben and the witch hunters.

In the end they debate if they should rebind the circle or not, some are for and some are against the idea. Diana at this point really just wants to get out of town most likely with Grant and take that cross country drive far away from Chance Harbor since she is feeling totally lost without her father. Jake and Faye are confused with their feels again for each other and Faye back to herself that she was before the circle was bound. Jake gets a note from his grandfather that this isn’t over. Adam takes possession of the skull only to be absorbed by it. Cassie and Diana are now marked with the Balcoin symbol that is soon to be joined by more.

The CW has confirmed that The Secret Circle will not be returning for a second season.

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