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by Vampire Renee:

Secret Circle Recap: “Traitor”
Original Air Date (The CW): Friday April 26th–2012
Season 1 Episode 20

Favorite Quote:  “If we liveremind me to download this song. It’d be perfect for my ‘Running For Your Life’ treadmill mix.” – Faye Chamberlain

Cassie is forced to deal with the funeral of her Grandmother Jane since Charles had unknowing killed her instead of John, who makes it out to believe that it was all due to the witch hunters again. It’s what he’s good at.  Leaving Cassie to confide in Adam in her weakest moment…but don’t worry, John has that covered too. All this makes Cassie determined to find that last two crystals to bring down the witch hunters.

Meanwhile, everyone still wrestles with the idea of Diana being Cassie’s sister. The truth is confirmed by Charles when he tells her about the rough patch in their relationship bit since he was there and he raised her, making him more of a father than John could ever be. And Charles’s words hits a cord with Diana, making her want to defy anything that John wants for the Circle. Even revealing to them that she is the other Blackwell child, but they don’t really believe her. Charles confronts John about it since he wants Diana to have nothing to do with John because she’s too good and smart for that. John runs to Dawn hoping that his little confession about Diana being his daughter will give him leverage for Dawn to help him against Charles taking Diana away but she won’t be convinced of that. Diana confirms that she doesn’t want the dark magic because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

Without the help of Jake, Diana or Faye, John conducts the circle to find the remaining crystal which one is in Jake’s house. Conveniently because of another Jake and Faye hook up they find Faye’s family crystal in the medicine bottle they stole from Dawn’s purse at the funeral. Leaving only Adam’s family crystal to be found and to charge the dead one but need the whole Circle for that. Unfortunately, because of witch hunters the crystal mysteriously disappears but might need the witch hunters help to know where and Dawn realizes that the crystal is missing from her purse. Ian shows up since Isaac is dead which causes Cassie to think he’s lying and her dark magic to come out which Diana seemed to be the only one that can harasses the focus back to Cassie. They manage while trying to find the traitor to stumble upon the chance that the traitor witch is now killing witch hunters.

Adam tells Melissa about the new kiss with Cassie, which brings feelings to the surface, but mentions the elixir which should have stopped or is blocking any of those real feelings from coming back. He remembers the curse and knows that if he starts to develop feelings for Cassie, one in the Circle will die. Adam and Melissa manage to uncloak some hidden secrets about his grandfather including the map to where the crystal was, and who ever said drinking doesn’t help with anything clearly has never tried it which I don’t recommend because in these cases they never seem to remember later. The map reveals the crystal is somewhere in the high school.

And the twist that certainly no one saw coming, I personally didn’t even think of it as a possibility, but the traitor witch is Nick. You might remember him as Melissa’s secret boyfriend who got possessed then was killed from drowning. Yes, that’s the same one and only hope there is an explanation and not some kind of zombie thing.

Next Episode: May 3rd–2012 (Prom)

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