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by Vampire Renee:

Secret Circle Recap: “Prom
Original Air Date (The CW): Thursday May 3rd–2012
Season 1 Episode 21

Favorite Quote: “I knew I should have brought demon chasing shoes.” – Faye

The Circle gathers to discuss the return of Nick as well as completing the crystal to ‘protect’ them from the witch hunters. The last remaining piece is somewhere in the school, and it seems only Cassie is needed to help locate it. Cassie’s mom shows up to show her the way to the crystal, but gets cut off because it’s revealed she turns to Diana to help see more during the best night of the year, prom. They find out Amelia thinks John is using them, and that something bad is going to happen, and that she  wants Elizabeth and Diana to get out of town. They find out about John’s plan for the Circle as well as where the crystal is hidden in the school.

Jake and Faye decide to go to prom together, using it as an excuse to get him into the school despite them deciding to go together 2 years ago when he stood her up. So, Faye plans to make it as special as possible with limos and champagne. She waited for 3 hours for him to show up and as a little punishment makes him dance finally at prom. Faye tries to make Jake feel better about Nick and him not being there. Jake finally apologizes to Faye about prom 2 years ago while they are trying to track down Nick to the junk yard where they see Eben waiting for Nick and the crystal.

Melissa is confronted not only with mixed emotions but also seeing the risen Nick when she arrives early to a Circle meeting and for some reason needs her help with something.  He needs one of the crystals because he’s dying, and Melissa promises to do whatever she can to make him better. Adam shows up before Nick can do anything to harm Melissa in his demand for the crystal. Always ever the good friend, Adam helps Melissa feel better, and channels a little energy to set the mood for a spotlight night dance. Ultimately, it’s Melissa that stabs Nick and ends his life for the second time.

John, wanting to break the loyalty ties between Charles and Diana, decides it’s time to sever those binds. Using the dark magic that John has, he re-creates the scene of Cassie’s mom’s death to mess with Charles’s head a bit. Now how with all the details John added to the hoax is it possible that John might have had something to do with Amelia’s death, or was nearby when it happened. Diana finds Charles curled up in the corner after the incident, and he seems to be terrified — which scares her that he thinks Amelia is haunting him for what he did to her.

Grant returns to town even when Diana thinks he’s left, but new business brings him back. Unable to take him to prom she promises to save him the last dance at her house later. If not for that chance meeting before prom there would have been no one to hold Diana when her world came crumbling down at the information she had received, even though it seemed John wanted to be there as well to finally scoop in and be daddy but at this time she wouldn’t want him near her.

What would Eben really want with Faye? And is it possible that John offered her up.

Next Episode: May 10th–2012 (Family)

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