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by Vampire Renee:

Secret Circle Recap: “Crystal”
Original Air Date (The CW): Friday April 19th–2012
Season 1 Episode 19

Favorite Quote: “He says my presence chases away the dark like the dawn of every day.” – Dawn’s Journal

The Circle looks for the other crystals in order to strengthen their magic against the witch-hunters, but some possible family secrets are discovered along the way. Cassie and Jake team up with Faye as a tag along, but Callum isn’t far behind stirring things up and even starting a fight. They find a ‘conspiracy wall’ in Jake’s grandpa’s house that contains theories about witches from Salem to Satan along with a list of the Circle. Jake’s Grandpa Royce comes home and informs that the Circle will be the death of all of them.

The theory is John wanted to corrupt the circle with dark magic by using the children of the last circle to create it. There is more than one Blackwell child in the Circle, and because of the journal found it’s possibly Faye — which would explain quite a bit. As well at the pieces of the crystal together form a crystal skull, which is the most powerful of any talisman for a witch to use.

Grant attempts to make this better with Diana before he has to ship out. The date is overshadowed by the searching of the crystals. Diana wanted Grant to be honest with her but she’s not quite ready to reveal her little secret to him just yet leaving Grant to stand alone while Diana deals with the Circle.

Cassie’s Grandma Jane finally comes home and seems to be back to normal since the last visit at the clinic. John tries to talk to Charles but fails leading to an argument but Charles shows up for a meeting and spell with Jane. Eventually, John is over for tea but Charles uses the crystal on his with all intentions of burning him. Jane wants to know first if John really had anything to do with Amelia’s death. Charles’s rash actions lead to a back fire in the plan and not on him, well not yet.

Interesting fact, Royce’s crystal was hidden in an iron ore mine, and magic doesn’t work when iron is present. And, here from what has been personally read, that only affects fae or faeries and not witches. Also, the mine was spelled against dark magic and Cassie as well as Diana wasn’t able to get in.

Next Episode: April 26th–2012 (Traitor)

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