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The Secret Circle Recap: “Dark magic, it’s not a parlor trick.”

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by Vampire Renee:

Secret Circle Recap: “Curse”
Original Air Date (The CW): March 15, 2012
Season 1 Episode 16

Overview:  John Blackwell searches for a device that will drain a witch’s power. Meanwhile, Faye is surprised when she meets a girl who claims to be Lee’s girlfriend; and Melissa encourages Diana to date a normal guy.

Favorite Quote:  “For the Blakes and the Conants, ‘written in the stars’ isn’t just destiny – it’s a curse.”  –John


  • Faye and Dawn’s conversation about acting, pretending and dates – also that John is back.
  • Meeting in the coffee house about John and Adam asking Cassie to the casino night.
  • Adam helping Cassie find out what John was looking for in the abandoned house, and finding out that it’s a sway that can take away a witch’s power.
  • Melissa getting insightful about everything after the overdose.
  • Mysterious Grant showing up at the casino night to hit on Diana.
  • Ethan telling Adam that not to let the past affect his and Cassie’s relationship.
  • Lee showing up to apologize for lying to Faye, and a kiss makes it all disappear.
  • Cassie and Adam making up, and the cute moment when the tray got in the way of the kiss part of the make-up.
  • The use of magic to win at poker – pretty sure Lee was helping…erm lucky charm.
  • Melissa giving Jake some advice about love, and obsession with Cassie.
  • Matching stuffed monkeys from Grant to Diana – really an Australian thing?
  • Diana kissing Grant – looks like the wild girl is kind of back.
  • John trying to protect Cassie, and the Circle by making a deal with Ethan about the whole thing.
  • Adam telling Cassie that he loves her.


  • Cassie and John talking about the evils of black magic and that it should not be used.
  • Lee acting like he just did what he had to do and was ever faithful, even when Faye shows up, then still can’t admit that Eva’s not really dead.
  • John telling that the sway only temporally transfer a witch’s power to a mortal.
  • Busted – Faye meeting Eva and finding out that Lee’s been lying to her the whole time, and still continues like second nature.
  • Cassie and Adam fighting about who might be the one that is working with the witch hunters, and Cassie runs to Jake.
  • Jake making a phone call – what does he have to say about Cassie?
  • Dawn and John’s talking in the hallway – was the pinning and flirting necessary and why the need to find Ethan
  •  Eva showing up at the casino night and found Lee and Faye together flirting and make Faye feel like the rebound or phase
  • Discovering that Ethan was the one that stabbed John in the parking lot
  • Lee’s ummm dead? What did Eva do? What kind of power does she have?


  • Random Grant and his knowledge on champagne and just always popping out of nowhere.
  • Eva staying she came back from the dead – wait, what?
  • All the birds/crows at the end.

Next Episode:  March 22nd–2012 (Curse)

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