Friday, December 15, 2017

The Amazing Spider-man the Ultimate Newspaper Comics Collection

Go back in time to when Spider Man was in newspapers.

IDW Publishing released its fourth volume from The Amazing Spider-man the Ultimate Newspaper Comics Collection. This books collects the Spider-man comics that appeared in newspapers from 1983-1984. They were done by the famous Stan Lee, Fred Kida, and Floro Dery. This works out great since they use the actual strips from the newspapers they appeared in. For those that remember watching Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, the art work will look very similar. In fact, while reading the comics, I could hear the voices of Peter Parker, Aunt May and J. Jonah Jameson from that cartoon show.

The book starts off with J. Jonah Jameson send Peter Parker and two others to Bermuda Triangle to find out what is causing the all the weird stuff. I won’t spoil what is going on but Peter Parker does team up with Namor: The Sub-mariner. That is not the only story in the book. While you won’t find any super villains in this book, the regular villains are just as memorable.

Now let me touch on the art. Since these stories are from the 80’s you can expect to see the type of art work that was done back then. It’s not as beautiful or polished as the some of the art work from today. Still, it has its own beauty. I think the real challenge would be for today’s artist to draw like they did back in the 80’s. But that is more an opinion story for another time.

Another great thing is how the flow of the stories go in and out of each other. The stories don’t have a beginning and an end. I would describe them more as tides. As one story flows it, it also carries the old story out. The downside is that you can’t skip stories. There is no “chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3.” You must read through all the stories. But again, they are all great stories, so just push through them.

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