Friday, January 19, 2018

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Letters of Grisham Lane

by Adam Jones: PREFACE  These letters were confiscated as evidence in a national murder investigation that began in Chicago in 19XX. News reports saw very little coverage of these incidents because they were classified as highly confidential. Since then, pieces of [...]

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Bits and Bullets

Reader’s Choice selection from DMC’s flash fiction group, Friday Frights. by K.L. Coones: This is my third body.  I’m not really human, I just look that way.  I started out in the cloud as a security program protecting the domain from [...]

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Medium Medium

by Duke Droste: The neon palm stood out to him as Jack drove southbound on the four-lane thoroughfare.  He knew it existed, but it never offered him more than a fleeting curiosity.  When he returned the same way north, it [...]

Arts and Literature, Short Fiction and Poetry

The Unwishing Well

by Don F. Muchow: The heavy gray clouds hung low and seemed to close in around the weary man as he picked his way up the barren hill toward the lone landmark, a small stone structure.  March winds pelted him now [...]

Arts and Literature, Short Fiction and Poetry