Friday, December 15, 2017

Star Trek Waypoint #6 and Star Trek Visions #17

Go boldly with the crew of the Enterprise across space and time with these Star Trek comics.

The newest issue of Star Trek Waypoint came out (Star Trek Waypoint #6) recently. The great thing about the Waypoint books is also the one thing that annoys me. In a 30+ page comic book you get two Star Trek stories spanning all the Star Trek series, Including Enterprise with Scott Bakula playing Johnathan Archer. It great in that you get two stories. However, since you only have about 15 pages to tell your story, you can’t go to deep. The three issues I have read are great, I love them. But, call me greedy, I want more. Tell me more about this story.

Another great thing is the art style. Since each story is self-contained each story has isn’t own artist. With issue number six you have the first story done in charcoal. I don’t think I have ever read a comic book story in charcoal. At first it was weird but the artist, Christopher Herndon, did a great job with it.

The other Star Trek comic book, Star Trek New Visions #17, seems like another different beast. They use a combination of art work and pictures from the Original Star Trek show to make the book. Then they add dialogue using word balloons. It looks and feels corny but then so did the original Star Trek show. So in that case the books mimic the show very well. If you have seen enough of the original Star Trek shows, you will hear the voices of all the crew members in your head. They even have the red shirt that inevitably dies in each episode.

With Star Trek Visions #17 the crew picks up a distress call from Artemys 314. When the crew of the Enterprise goes and investigates they find the S.S. Giordano Bruno orbiting the planet. Yet they can find no life signs on the planet or the ship. Scotty and Chekov along with some crew members go to check out the ship while Kirk, Spock, and Bones go to check on the planet. On the ship, Scotty finds a robot with feelings. On the planet Kirk and Spock are captured for “safe keeping.” How and why does the robot have feelings? What will Scotty do with a robot with feelings? Will Kirk and Spock be able to escape or have they been cataloged and stored for posterity.


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