Friday, February 23, 2018

The trailer for season 7 of The Walking Dead dropped at San Diego Comic Con, and it’s pretty epic.

The Walking Dead is coming off of a massive sixth season that ended with one of the most talked about season finales in recent memory. The new trailer debuted on Friday at San Diego Comic Con to rave reviews; though the cast remained mum on who dies in the first episode (Andrew Lincoln promises fans that they will have their answer in the first episode), he trailer offers some other exciting tidbits.


The three minute trailer starts with a retrospective look at the lives of each of the characters lined up in front of Negan and his bloody bat, Lucille. Glenn. Carl. Daryl. Maggie. Sasha. Michonne. Abraham. Rosita. Eugene. Aaron.Rick. And then, finally, Lucille herself. It moves into a series of cut scenes that feature a look at life in Negan’s world. Dwight is still around, and Carol and Morgan are somewhere out there. A beloved new character emerges from the pages of the graphic novel: King Ezekiel, who welcomes someone off screen to the Kingdom,

“I don’t know what’s going on in the most wonderful way,” Carol exclaims joyfully.

Neither do fans, Carol, but it looks like the seventh season of The Walking Dead will be worth the wait.

The Walking Dead returns on October 23rd.



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