Friday, February 23, 2018

Ryan Murphy confirms Lady Gaga’s role, other AHS secrets

Ryan Murphy confirms that Lady Gaga’s role in American Horror Story Roanoke ties into American Horror Story Coven.

During a press call on Tuesday ahead of the big twist in American Horror Story Roanoke on October 19, Murphy revealed that Lady Gaga’s character is the original Supreme witch. It’s a huge revelation with lasting repercussions, as Murphy also teased that Taissa Farmiga will show up at some point in season 6, though it’s not known whether she’ll be reprising her role as Zoe from Coven.

The other major bombshell is that there will be a return to the Coven at some point in future seasons. The last time AHS Coven crossed paths with other seasons of American Horror Story came when Queenie came to season 5’s Hotel Cortez. The invincible witch met her match inside the hotel, and though we don’t know what came from that experience, it’s quite possible that it caused ripples for the new Supreme, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson).

Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story Roanoke is the big game changer we have waited for. But at least we know a little bit more going into it.

American Horror Story Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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