Friday, February 23, 2018

Are you ready for the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return?

Tonight, the Twin Peaks: The Return finale airs and truth be told… I’m not sure that I am ready. (Spoilers ahead if you are not caught up to episode 16)

On one hand, I can’t wait to see how this mind altering journey ends, because let’s face it- David Lynch and Mark Frost have been looking forward to sharing this moment with us for a long time. There have been plenty of instances that I’ve questioned my sanity while trying to theorize the goings on within the series, but as we have neared the end, the puzzle pieces have beautifully fallen into place and made it clear that the ride has been incredibly worth it.

On the other hand…. I’m not ready. It can’t already be over. Not only because I’m just not ready to say goodbye to some of my all time favorite fictional characters, but.. there are too many questions left to be answered! The problem with this is that there are only two hours left to get those answers, and the knowledge that David Lynch is known for leaving the viewer to come to their own conclusions is unsettling. I am too emotionally invested, guys. I NEED to know some things for certain and the notion that I won’t get that closure makes me uncomfortable.

Before Twin Peaks: The Return aired, I made sure to tell myself that we are lucky to get any additional Twin Peaks goodness at all, so even if it isn’t all I’ve been hoping and dreaming of, that it would be okay. Why? Because after 25 years, we’d have the opportunity to see old friends in their quirky, bizarre natural habitat. Anything good would be a delightful bonus and the bad we could just forget about. As I am typing this, I am watching the scene in episode 11 where Bobby and Shelly are sitting together with their daughter (!!!) in the Double R trying to help get her out of a bad situation (that Shelly should be all too familiar with), while Norma watches with mama bear-ish concern. These are the moments I had hoped for. Hawk and the Log Lady? Be still my heart! Sure, it took a painfully long time to get the good Dale Cooper back, but when we did? I jumped off my couch the same way some people do when their football team scores a touchdown. And then, to see the otherworldly goddess that is Sherilyn Fenn grace us with Audrey’s dance just minutes later? AND all but confirm what many of us suspected- that what we have seen of her so far has been some sort of dream (or.. non reality? Is she still in a coma, perhaps?)?! Again, the puzzle pieces are so satisfyingly falling into place.. but I need MORE. What will happen with these two? Will the good Dale be able to finally defeat BOB? Will he be the one to save Audrey? Who is Linda? Where is Phillip Jefferies and what is going on with him? Judy? Judy WHO? Where is Diane? How many more tulpas are there? When is Lucy and Andy’s chair coming?!.. That last one is slightly less important.. but not by much.

Twin Peaks: The Return concludes tonight on Showtime at 8pm… whether we are ready or not.

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