Saturday, July 22, 2017
  • Ubisoft Presentation at E3

    Ubisoft left me wanting to play their games. The energy coming from each presenter made me want to try out the games, even if I don’t buy the

  • PlayStation Presentation at E3

    Sony PlayStation gave some good reasons as to why you should get a PlayStation 4. Sony PlayStation began their presentation with a commercial for their service VUE. What

  • Electronic Arts (EA) presentation at E3

    The presenters looked robotic, but the games and news were very exciting. I can’t wait for the fall. It would be safe to say that EA is a

  • The Tick will have a big presence at SDCC 2017

    The Tick is back, and there will be a big presence for the cult superhero at SDCC this year.   Spoooooon !!! The cry goes out and evil

  • Hasbro exclusive figures have us excited for SDCC

    The announcement of the Hasbro SDCC  exclusives makes us even more excited for San Diego Comic Con. Time is fleeting. Especially the time between now and San Diego

  • Microsoft presentation at E3

    Microsoft had more game trailers than people talking. Yet, what they did say was impressive. First, let’s talk about the new X Box that was released. Project Scorpio

  • Nintendo Presentation at E3

    While Nintendo might not have had the best presentation, they were the “sleeper” of E3. I went in to the Nintendo presentation not expecting much. While Nintendo has

  • Bethesda presentation at E3

    E3 has come and gone and there is a lot to talk about. Let’s begin with Bethesda. The following games were shown at E3 for Bethesda: Fallout Shelter

  • I checked out A-Kon and was left wanting more.

    My visit to A-Kon that was short lived. Last weekend I attended A-Kon but just for one day. When I finally got to where we are supposed to

  • Wonder Woman review filled with spoilers. You have been warned.

    Wonder Woman was filled with as much thought as action. And there was a lot of action. I won’t repeat what everyone else is saying because it quite