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by Kimmie Chameleon:

Lost Girl Recap: “(Dis)Members Only”
Original Air Date on SyFy: Monday April 2, 2012
Season 1 Episode 12

Ahhhh….the sweet sensation of a new emerging romance. Falling in love is intoxicating and mesmerizing. Everything that exists is suddenly perfect when you are looking through the rose colored glasses of romantic love. Eventually, our insecurities and flaws surface. This can be a rude awakening to the object of our intense affection. But if they really, truly love you, than this may be “the one”. This week’s episode ofLost Girl shows just how deeply Bo and Dyson are falling for each other. No matter what obstacles they will most certainly face, the connection runs deep, and there is no turning back.

Let’s Play House

Dyson is particularly excited about a quiet getaway he has planned for himself to go hunting for bears. Bo seems a bit miffed because she would like to spend some casual time with him and they always seem to be too busy to really relax. Dyson agrees to plan something with Bo, but as the two try to pick a destination, duty calls. Kenzi has just been contacted by one of her old street buddies to investigate the disappearance of his cousin. Kenzi does not want to turn down her friend so she convinces Bo and Dyson to help her.

Now why would Bo and Dyson give up vacation time to work on a case? Well, Kenzi’s friend Neville works at a chic and swanky country club for the elite where his cousin Thumper has gone missing while on the job. Kenzi agrees to go undercover as a Venezuelan server while Bo and Dyson will pose as a wealthy married couple seeking membership.

Kenzi clocks in at the country club’s kitchen under the watchful eye of the head chef, Jefe. Jefe is rather strict with her staff and implements strikes on an employee’s record if they mess up on the job. Kenzi has learned that most of the staff at the country club are illegal immigrants. Kenzi also learns that there have been several reports of missing employees. It seems that after they get two strikes on their record they go missing.

Bo and Dyson meet with Mitch who runs the country club. Bo persuades Mitch to give them probationary memberships by seducing him. Once inside the country club they make their way over to the known gossiper, Blake. Blake tells Bo and Dyson that Mitch and his wife Chloe have an exclusive scotch tasting club once a month that she has not been invited to. Blake seems to be a drunk, but finds the humor in how pretentious the members of the club present themselves.

Later on that day, Chloe approaches Blake about the upcoming board election. When Blake insists that things are going to change after she is seated on the board, Chloe whacks her over the head with a golf club and leaves her body to be pulled away by some mysterious plant vines.

Sharing is Not Caring

Bo and Dyson show up dressed to kill at the scotch tasting party. Mitch and Chloe shamelessly flirt with them and are admitted swingers. Dyson becomes noticeably uncomfortable with the situation and immediately whisks Bo away. When they return to Bo’s place Dyson tells her that he doesn’t want to share her with anyone. This is an issue because he knows that Bo is a succubus and it is not in her nature to be monogamous. He does not want to change her, but he admits that wolves mate for life. Bo is touched by this admission and wants Dyson to promise to stay honest and not have any secrets between them. Dyson makes her this promise and it seems that a relationship milestone has been reached. Dyson later urges Trick to come forward to Bo about the truth to her past or else he will.

Kenzi informs Bo that a housekeeper at the club told her that Blake is missing and has seen Mitch driving her car. Hale has found that all members of the country club become even wealthier after joining. Bo and Dyson go for a walk on the club’s grounds and stumble upon a winning lottery ticket. They then happen on a sewer hole that is filled with a rancid sludge so they take a sample of it for Hale to investigate. Hale confirms that the sludge is composed of Fae DNA and human DNA. It is a mixture of a Fae’s digestive juices and human remains. Bo immediately questions Mitch about it and he tells her that in order for them to all have wealth they must sacrifice a human to the garden. He has no idea what the entity looks like or what it is. He justifies the sacrifices by telling her that they only sacrifice incompetent immigrants.

Weed Whacker

The team heads over to the Dal to get Trick’s take on what kind of Fae they are dealing with. Trick tells them that it is a Nature Fae called a Land Wight. This Fae is a shifter and blends with the surrounding plants on its land. This Fae eats humans and then uses its own fertilizer to cultivate the abundant land. When people eat the plants grown from the land they become prosperous. Kenzi races back to the kitchen to warn the staff not to eat or serve the food because it comes from human waste. Jefe tries to shut Kenzi up and gives away her secret…she is the Nature Fae responsible for the human deaths. Jefe begins to choke Kenzi with her plant vines, but Bo arrives to stop her with a pair of hedge trimmers. Jefe laughs at Bo’s weapon, but the laughter soon ends when she realizes that Bo has informed the immigrant human gardeners about her deadly transgressions on their people. Bo and Kenzi leave Jefe in the capable gardeners that are equipped with a vat of herbicide.

Another case has been successfully solved. Dyson tells Bo that he needs to go down to the police station for a bit. Lucky for him, Bo planned on joining up with him because when she walks in she catches Saskia, a vicious former friend succubus, trying to harm Dyson. Bo fights her off, but Saskia makes them aware that she wants to get Bo away from Dyson. It seems that there is something brewing with Saskia and Dyson was uncovering it.

Quotable Quotes:

Kenzi to Bo:  “I am murder Fae bait, and when they kill me I am never talking to you, not ever again!”

Dyson to Bo: “I can be intense. I can be territorial. And, God knows I can be mule-headed. But, I’m also yours if you’ll have me.”

Bo to Dyson: “Dyson you are an idiot. You’ve been mine for a very long time.”
Dyson to Bo: “You better be careful because wolves mate for life.”

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