Friday, December 15, 2017

Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four The World’s Greatest Artist Edition

IDW releases another Artist Edition book using Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four.

Another Artist Edition book was released by IDW recently. This time they are proud to present you with Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four. For those that don’t know, Artist Edition books are where they take certain comic books issues and show them in their original form. There was a book about Daredevil with artist Chis Sammee. It had an issue that was just the pencil work and afterwards you saw the same issue only now it had been inked. It’s a great reference tool for people that are looking to draw comic books.

With this book we get to see how Jack Kirby drew a few issues of the Fantastic Four. Other books might have original art work, but this one has the original art work along with comments along the edges. For example, on page 2 of the comic book, we can read the comment (“Webhead” is Spider man and he’s talking about) we can also read (Sub-m!! Is this his doing) This book is great at showing what the creators of the book were thinking as the book was being done. So for those of us that can’t afford to buy original pages of Fantastic Four, this is the next best thing.

A few of the other things you can find in the book are Fantastic Four #33, #45, #47, #60, and two Marvelmania Posters. (Doctor Doom, FF) I would recommend this book to every collector of comic books and aspiring comic book artists.

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