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Original Release Date (Netflix): Friday April 19, 2013

It’s time for another episode of Hemlock Grove! Let’s see what our favorite creepy town is up to this time shall we?

When last we left Hemlock Grove, Peter and Roman were confronting each other. Roman had just finished accusing Peter of killing Brooke.  Peter tells Roman he didn’t, and that he thought Roman did. So now they are both confused and suspicious of each other.  While debating on what really killed Brooke and how weird their families are, the cops show up. Roman tells Peter he will handle the situation, and he does. Roman isn’t just a spoiled rich kid after all. He has his own…gifts you might say.

After Peter witnesses the strange trick Roman pulled on the cops, they decide to work together. Of course Peter is a bit creeped out by it, and runs off into the woods.

Once the credits finish, we are greeted with a sleeping Lethe, who has a very peculiar dream. An angel visits her. The image of this angel is rather startling too.

Then the scene changes to Shelley typing a letter out to her uncle Norman.  Apparently Normal convinced her to write. She explains how she asserted herself to Olivia, how school is still tense over the tragedy, and how she feels favored by the gypsy boy.

After he reads the letter, he is told Lethe is pregnant. Not something one wants to hear from their 17 year old girl.

At school Roman is up to his old habits, and decides to work out some sexual frustration in the girls bathroom…with a girl who happens to be on her period. Pension for blood drinking perhaps? Whatever the case, she’s enjoying herself quite a bit when Peter walks by and over hears them. Roman gets what Roman wants folks.

The scene changes and we see Norman and Olivia in a bar together. Norman is understandably angry, and accuses Olivia of involvement in his daughter’s pregnancy. Norman says, “She says she’s still a virgin. She says it was an angel. She says it came to her this summer.”

Olivia asks him what his professional recommendation is and he believes she was raped and her mind bricked it over with the fantasy of an angel…

Perhaps out of desperation, Norman sleeps with Olivia, which is something that has happened several times before. We get a hint of a scar on Olivia’s back as Norman helps her back into her corset. He tells her it’s over, that he doesn’t want to do this again. Olivia seems worried as he leaves.

The next scene has Roman playing with a snake in the school hallway. It’s a big one with beautiful scales. Peter meanwhile talks to Shelley, and is pushed by some kid who calls him a Wolf Fucker. The rumors of him being a werewolf still circulate the school. Roman finds him and asks him if he wants a lift home. We then see the pair driving off in Roman’s nice car, and Peter explains how his grandfather would have a “boner” if he could see him now. “My people like wheels,” he tells Roman.

As Peter is dropped off, he spots a picture Roman has drawn of a snake eating its tail. “You can feel it can’t you?” Roman asks Peter, and they discuss the feeling of something deep below Hemlock Grove.

“I get this feeling sometimes that something really important is about to happen.”

Peter thanks him for the ride and comes home to his mother watching Night of the Living Dead and looking through his books. While watching the film they see an ad for Godfrey’s Institute.  Apparently their business is in “health research.” Interesting…

The scene changes and we see Christina with her posse, two blonde twins who are fawning over her. They are gossiping about the people in school, and who Christina may like while doing her make up for Homecoming.  We find out through their silly gossip that Tyler had gone out with Letha Godfrey during the summer. Perhaps he’s the baby’s daddy?

The scene changes again and we see Norman talking to his wife. Lethe comes in dressed as a flapper girl and asks how she looks, much to her father’s surprise. He asks her if she is still going which she replies to, “I’m still me Dad.” And leaves with Roman.

As they drive to the school we see a wandering disheveled man who seems drunk off his ass talking gibberish about needles and how he “…didn’t sign up for this.” The scene changes quickly, to Christina and her friends arriving at Homecoming.  The twin girl’s father lectures them about coming home on time and then lets them go off, into a sea of blinding colors and dancing teenagers. Lethe talks to Tyler which makes Roman get all grumpy. Lethe is only offering her support, considering Tyler was apparently close to Brooke.  Roman rejects a girl trying to dance with him, as he stares at Lethe intently.

Tyler eventually sees Christina sitting off alone and she convinces him to leave with her, despite them being on lockdown.

Suddenly the scene changes to someone running in the woods, and then we are back to the school, which Christina and Tyler sitting on the stairs. They are talking when they hear something. Christina notices the snake out of its tank, slithering along the floor.

This of course causes panic in the dance hall when the snake appears there. Poor snake. Don’t they know the thing is more scared of them?

The scene changes and Olivia is at the bar, where she takes the bartender out back and has sex with him in her car. The pair talk, and he tells her, “Earlier when I saw you with your ex I kept thinking, there is a fucking wrong universe that needs to be righted.”

Olivia is surprised he thinks Norman is her ex, and realizes people see too much in this town. She starts crying after she kicks him out, which makes me think she actually cares about Norman more than she lets on.

Next we see Letha and Roman in the car; he’s driving fast and taunting her. She tells him she is pregnant and he is startled, unable to believe it. He asks who the father is and won’t let it go, when she finally caves and says, “It was an Angel.”

They get out of the car and Roman tries to understand what she’s saying and they get back in the car. They keep discussing it, and Lethe tells him to deal with it, when they are interrupted by the disheveled looking drunk. He almost gets run over by Roman.  Roman stops after Lethe asks him several times. The man is rambling, “I don’t want to see that!” and gets agitated by Roman and Lethe. Lethe asks him his name and all he says to her is, “Ouroboros.” She tells him it’s okay and he says, “Today I’ve seen the dragon.” Roman pulls Lethe away and the drunk guy points at him angrily, “It was you! I don’t wanna see that! I saw that cheerleader! I saw her get killed!”


The scene changes and we see Peter run outside of his trailer, yelling at sounds he hears. A bunch of girls giggle in the distance and he sees a mask of a werewolf spiked on his front lawn. He sighs and pokes the nose of it, knowing there’s nothing he can do. When the sun rises, he’s washing his face in the sink while looking into a mirror and thinking of his grandfather. He has a flashback of the two of them talking in this same bathroom. He’s younger, and watching his grandfather shave. His grandfather gives him advice, some very important advice that explains a little bit better what Upir are.

“They are things that look like you and me, but they are not. Clothes, smile, beating heart—these things are only masks, hiding the creature beneath. But the eyes, ah, they show themselves with the eyes. There is such…darkness that it shines. “

Peter turns off the water and goes to school, and we see him leaning against a wall as Roman approaches. They talk about an assignment for a bit when Peter says, “Why do I get the feeling that half the reason you talk to me is because of how people look at you?”

The scene changes to Peter’s mother Lynda talking to Olivia about small stores and asks her to call her. Olivia seems a little surprised by this sudden exchange, but we are then quickly shifted to the next scene before she has a chance to react.

Peter is back in class listening to the teacher read from a book, when Roman tosses him a note that reads, “Can I watch?” Peter makes a choice, and decides, yes, yes he can watch.

Watch what? Oooh it is coming. Believe me. One of my favorite scenes so far…

Peter goes home, warns his mother who gets really angry about what happened, and in Peter’s defense he says, “I have this feeling something very important is going to happen.”  She just tells him, “I hope those balls know what they are doing.” And leave it at that.

Later on Roman shows up, and meets Lynda. They do some small chit chat about Peter’s grandfather being Hindu and points out the statue of Ganesh in the corner. The waiting game begins, and Peter starts fighting. “He gets nervous before it happens.” She says to Roman and pet’s Peter on the knee. Peter starts removing his jewelry as Roman asks, “Does it hurt?”

“You wouldn’t notice a bus hit you.” Peter replies. He’s sweating profusely, and looks at the clock before they all go out front of the trailer. Lynda and Roman step off to the side as Peter removes his shirt and stands in the light. Peter is now completely naked. (And he is totally a cutie guys.)


AND THIS IS WHERE WE GET ONE OF THE BEST WEREWOLF TRANSFORMATIONS I HAVE SEEN IN RECENT MEMORY. Seriously! It’s friggen amazing! It is a little CG compared to others I’ve seen, but if I was to make a top 10 list, it would be on there. He loses his human eyes, his teeth, everything! And then to top it off, the wolf eats its own human skin after! It’s AWESOME. Roman’s face is priceless, as he stares slack jawed at the wolf before him.  The wolf runs off and Roman swallows hard saying, “You gotta be fucking kidding me!”

And yet again, Hemlock Grove leaves us on a cliff hanger!

I’m seriously digging this show guys. The werewolf transformation was just awesome, and after I saw that I wanted more. How are you guys enjoying it? Feel free to comment below, and howl if you wanna see more!

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