Friday, February 23, 2018

The announcement of the Hasbro SDCC  exclusives makes us even more excited for San Diego Comic Con.

Time is fleeting. Especially the time between now and San Diego Comic Con. Hasbro has sped

up that time with the announcement of one of their first SDCC exclusives: The Marvel Legends

12” Daredevil figure. This is a gorgeous piece of $60 plastic.( I truly mean that)


The monochromatic red of Daredevil’s costume is perfect. From the depth detail on the boot laces to the

intricate wrinkles of his billy club pouch. Included is an alternate unmasked Matt Murdock head

as well as a set of bloody, bandaged hands. The Man Without Fear looks damn good.

While walking the massive floor of Comic Con this year I will see a lot of exclusives. Every

direction you turn will be unique prints, t-shirts, vinyl figures, action figures, Legos, Hot Wheels,

statues, sketches, movies and comic books. All exclusive to SDCC 2017.


There will definitely be plenty of Star Wars. (maybe an episode 8 reveal?) Personally I would

love to see a Thor/ Planet Hulk two pack from Thor: Ragnarok. Hey, Entertainment Earth! We

need some new Twilight Zone figures!


While many companies have been dropping exclusives for the past few weeks, many more are

coming. So far, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends 12” Daredevil figure is my favorite. So far. Its still a

while until Comic Con 2017. But, time is fleeting.

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