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by Kimmie Chameleon:

Ghost Adventures Recap:
“The Riviera Hotel”

Original Air Date (Travel Channel):
Friday April 27, 2012

Season 6 Episode 7

Guest Investigator

Vince Neil, lead singer of the rock band Motley Crue. 


This episode of Ghost Adventures takes us to the trio’s own stomping grounds in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Riviera hotel and casino is one of the oldest standing casinos on the strip. In its hay day it played host to Liberace and Sinatra. It was owned and operated by the mob and numerous tales of murder and crime.


In its hay day The Riviera Hotel played host to Liberace and Sinatra. Author of “The Battle for Las Vegas” Denny Griffin tells the guys that the hotel was owned and operated by the mob and numerous tales of murder and crime from this affiliation echo from the past.

Frank Sinatra used to perform in the hotel’s Versailles Theater and hosted many lavish parties in his private penthouse suite as described by Sinatra’s old private piano player, Bruce Westcott. Bruce remembers Frank as being “tense”. He recalls one time a young cocktail waitress admitted to Frank that he had beautiful eyes but she was never a fan of his music. This caused Frank to explode and he went on a rampage. Zak believes that it would be a great asset to the investigation to invite Bruce to the lockdown so he can tickle the ivories for Frank again.

The crew heads over to the Las Vegas Coroner’s office to speak to Michael Murphy. They are curious to know how many deaths have occurred over the years at the Riviera. Mr. Murphy is only able to pull up the most recent records from 1993-2012. The total number of deaths is 21.

Zak gives his friend Hollis a holler and meets him for a poker game at the Tropicana. It is there that Zak meets poker champ Jamie Gold and also Hollis’s friend Marvin. They all discuss mob stories and the ruthless mafia that once ruled “Sin City”. Zak invites Jamie Gold to join them on the lockdown.

The Lockdown

The crew has decided that the best way to conjure up some paranormal activity would be to host an intimate party in Frank Sinatra’s old penthouse suite. Motley Crue’s lead singer Vince Neil arrives with an entourage of beautiful women. Also present is poker champ Jamie Gold and piano player Bruce Westcott. They set up night vision cameras around the suite and a thermal camera in Frank’s bedroom. Billy Tolley and Jay Wasely are in a separate room and will be watching and listening for any activity captured as it happens. The crew has also set up electromagnetic REM pods around the room and give instructions to the guests on how to speak clearly into the digital recorders.

As Bruce begins to play a few tunes on the piano, Vince shares with everyone a memory he has of Sinatra. He beams that he was the only “rock” guy ever invited over to one of Sinatra’s parties. He remembers that he sang “Strangers in the Night” with Frank Avalon that evening. It is at that moment that one of the REM pods signals some activity. Zak decides that this would be a good time to do a session with the SB7 device.

Zak: “What is the name of the hotel-casino that we are at?”
SB7 device (in a female voice): “Riviera.” 

Vince and Rain decide that they would like to an E.V.P. session in Frank’s master bedroom. As Zak instructs how to conduct the session a loud noise startles them all. It is an unexplained sound that can be described like a chair being dragged across the floor. At this same moment we see an orb dashing towards the bed that Vince and Rain are sitting on. Zak leaves the room and Vince begins to ask some questions.

Vince: “Do you know the girl who I’m with is named?”
E.V.P. device: “Raindrop.” 

Vince now asks out loud for a spirit to knock on the wall like this…he then knocks on the wall. We then hear a knocking sound and the night vision camera captures another orb appearing by the bed.

Back out in the main living area of the suite, one of the party goers named Jade is complaining that she has a burning sensation on her back. She pulls up her shirt and reveals that there are red scratches on her back. Zak gets out the SB7 device.

Zak: “Did somebody touch her back?”
SB7 device: “Did it.” 

At this time everybody in the room senses a “coldness”. Zak grabs the Mel-Meter and begins to track it.

The crew decides that they will now investigate the entire 9th floor. It has been closed off to the public for this investigation. Zak, Vince and Rain scan the floor with a thermal imaging camera. Vince begins to complain that he is getting the chills and is having pain in his left shoulder. Zak gets out the SB7 device and they hear a dark voice say something but can’t make out what was said. Zak starts to get the chills himself just as Vince begins to get quite ill and seems to be vomiting. Vince tells Zak and Rain that he feels sad and that he also is experiencing a feeling of numbness. These all sound like symptoms of a heart attack and Vince may be experiencing what a spirit might have went through when they stayed in this room in the past. The SB7 device offers it last message of this investigation: 

SB7 device: “I’m dead.”

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