April 10, 2012

Ghost Adventures Recap: “Return to Linda Vista Hospital”

Ghost Adventures

by Kimmie Chameleon:

Ghost Adventures Recap:
“Return to Linda Vista Hospital”

Original Air Date (Travel Channel):
Friday April 6, 2012

Season 6 Episode 5

Special Guest Investigator:

Actor Chad Lindberg from the show Supernatural assists the GAC crew on this investigation.


This week, Zak, Nick and Aaron are returning to the Linda Vista Hospital located in East Los Angeles, California. 


“In 2009 at the Linda Vista Hospital in East Los Angeles, Nick came face-to-face with a full bodied apparition—at the exact moment the apparition manifested, 2 of our 3 night vision cameras malfunctioned—this is the only one that captured the moment—“

(We then see actual night vision footage of Nick startled and jumping upon seeing something.) 

Present day, Nick gives Zak a phone call and relays:

Nick to Zak: You know, from 2009 to 2012 now, right now, I get an email from this nurse who used to help out at Linda Vista Hospital, and she saw the exact same lady wearing the exact same hospital gown with blood on it.”

Zak to Nick: “When you saw this lady, Nick…what…did she see you?”

Nick to Zak: “Yes, our eyes connected and I swear—I swear on my grandmother who has passed now, that she saw me and I saw her…was reaching out to touch me.” 

Ghost Pod

Zak contacts Larry Odien, a special effects mechanical engineer for major motion pictures and an inventor of paranormal equipment. Larry is taking Zak’s idea and is developing a ghost pod in hopes of enabling the spirit Nick saw in 2009 to manifest in the energized pod. Audi-visual tech Billy Tolley has been assigned the task of building an electric fence to encompass the area where the pod will be set up. The idea is that the electrical fence will supply the spirit with enough energy to manifest inside the pod without draining the batteries in all of the surrounding equipment like cameras. Billy says this fence will run 8 to 10 wires and pulsates upwards of 1600 volts.

The actual Ghost Pod has an outer coil that produces the energy. There is a magnetic plate in the bottom of the pod. Hopefully this will give off enough enclosed magnetic energy for a spirit to enter and manifest itself. This piece of paranormal equipment is also truly spectacular visually. It looks almost like the pod from the movie The Fly. The GAC team thanks Larry, his wife Bridget and Larry’s son Stephan for helping with this experiment.

Nick informs Zak that the hospital will soon be torn down because new apartments for older adults are set to be built on that spot. The crew arrives at the hospital and immediately Nick is overwhelmed with goosebumps. They meet up with the nurse, Kimber that had emailed Nick about seeing the same apparition as him. She explains that when the hospital was in operation she was assigned to pick up a patient to transfer that patient to a special I.C.U. unit. She describes how in that room while she was picking up that patient she looked up and saw a woman in the corner. It was nearly exactly the same experience that Nick had.

The Aaron Show

Before they start the investigation, Zak and Aaron decide to take a jaunt over to Hollywood Blvd. Zak determines that walking Hollywood Blvd. may be scarier than being locked down at Linda Vista Hospital. There are many interesting people walking around…and Aaron seems to blend right in. Aaron humorously walks into trees and skips along like a crazy man.

Zak to us: “Don’t ever lock yourself in a building with that man. Stay safe. Why do we even need ‘Ghost Adventures’? Why don’t we just call it ‘The Aaron Show’.”

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program… 

As they head back to Linda Vista Hospital, researcher Jeff Belanger, calls them to tell them to stop off and talk to Sarah Troop. She meets them at the hospital and tells them that while she was doing an investigation there her instrumental transcommunication session kept picking up a girl’s voice answering that her name was Chloe. Zak and Aaron decide to look through patient records at the hospital for a little girl named Chloe. They are interested because the building’s caretaker, Richard shares an actual story about a little girl that was hit by a car right out in front of the hospital. He says he sometimes hears the voice of a little girl singing. Zak and Aaron are unable to find any record of a patient named Chloe that matches this description.


Nurse Kimber and special guest Chad Lindberg will be joining the investigation. Chad had a prior experience at the hospital as well. He said that while filming there once, a craft service guy went down to the morgue of the hospital and locked himself in one of the bins that hold the bodies until they are picked up. The guy couldn’t get out and so they had to call the cops to let him out. When they rolled him out he was oddly naked.

Billy will be monitoring the investigation through live surveillance from a sound proof room. There is a thermal imaging camera pointing down the hallway where they running the ghost pod experiment. Another camera points to where the ghost pod is. Just as the lockdown begins, Billy alerts the crew that a cold pulsating mass has drifted across the screen from the thermal imaging camera. By the temperature reading it is not an animal. It is much too cold to be an animal.

Zak now asks Chad and Kimber to investigate alone to see if they can get a personal connection with the spirit. The two go to the room and begin their investigation. Kimber has a digital voice recorder in her hand and asks:

Kimber: “I really want to resolve this with you.”
E.V.P.: “Can you help…anybody?”

Now Zak, Nick and Aaron join up with them and power up the ghost pod. Zak gets out the SB7 device and begins to ask questions.

Zak: “Can you tell me the name of the nurse that’s in this room?”
SB7 device: “Nurse.”

They all hear something get thrown across the room and then:

SB7 device: “Help yourself.”

Kimber: “Is there a doctor on duty in this hospital right now?”
SB7 device: “Hi.” 

Zak: “Can you say one of our names?”
SB7 device: “Chad.” 

Zak sends Aaron and Chad to go investigate the mental hospital across the lot. While there Chad looks increasingly distressed. Aaron and Chad experience getting hot and start sweating. Chad begins to ask questions and the SB7 device begins to respond.

Chad: “What happens after we die?”
SB7 device: “Linda Vista.” 

Aaron: “Who lived in this room?”
SB7 device: “A demon.” 

Back at the ghost pod, Zak and Nick hear what sounds to rattling gurney wheels and for the conclusion of the lockdown Aaron and Chad meet up with them. As soon as they pass a teddy bear that they placed in the hallway their PX device says:

PX device: “Help.”

Nick: “Is there a patient down here?”
PX device: “Hide.”

Zak gets out the SB7 device.

Zak: “Out of the 4 of us guys, which one of us do you not like?”
SB7 device: “Why are you talking?” 

Aaron: “Do you remember Nick?”
SB7 device: “I do!” 

Chad: “Are you in this room right now?”
SB7 device: “Help.” 

As they are snapping photos with the infrared digital still camera they catch a mass that looks to be coming out of the pod, and also an image of a face and arm inside of the ghost pod.

Immediately following the investigation, Chad notices 3 small scratched on his back. They don’t claim that Chad is the victim of a demonic attack or attachment but there is no explanation for the scratches.

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[Promotional photographs courtesy of The Travel Channel]



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