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Original Air Date (Travel Channel): Friday March 16, 2012


This week, Zak, Nick and Aaron are investigating the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion located on 1128 Grant Street in Denver, Colorado.

Guest Investigator:

Brendan Shaub–Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter. 


Dr. Whitehead built this mansion during the 1800’s during a time of great prosperity in an area was known as “Millionaires Row”. Dr. Whitehead was said to have felt that he was haunted by his past and always saw the faces of soldiers that he failed to save from their injuries.

The second owner of the house was Governor James Peabody. As Phil Goodstein, (Historian, Published Author, Tour Guide, and Carnie Barker???) explains, Peabody came from a slave-owning Virginia family. He was a highly despised public figure because he was known to have broken apart many unions. In 1854, he enlisted in the Czar’s Army during the Crimean War. It is about this time that Zak, Nick and Aaron get a little too “Phil”ed in about the history of Peabody and lose interest…but in case you want to know more, you can check out his book, The Ghosts of Denver Capitol Hill. Phil tells them more stories about a woman named Ella (aka Eloise) who was a jilted bride that hung herself in the upstairs ballroom…or was it grand dining room? Better get that straight or else you might upset the entertaining Mr. Phil Goodstein! (Zak can attest to this. Ha!)

The guys next interview Tim Schultz, a lottery winner that used his money to start his own production company. Tim had some strange experiences while he used the mansion as a location to edit his documentary “Chasing the Shadows”. Tim recalls having witnessed somebody being pushed up high against a wall by a force. He says that people experienced being overcome by a spirit.

Next, the guys interview Nicole Zotti, an eyewitness who had an experience during a tour guide of the mansion. She says that her fingers tingled when they were walking outside of the mansion in a little alley way. She says that the tour guide told them that during the 1970’s there was rumored to have been an abduction of a woman who was then raped and killed by construction workers that were remodeling the mansion. The tour guide said that the body was believed to have been buried in the basement underneath the street/alley way. Zak questions whether or not this story has any real concrete evidence to support it. Nicole has done some research and tells Zak that a Colorado guide online mentioned the story, so there may be some basis to its truth.

The crew head over to the University of Colorado and interview a professor that tells them that the mansion has seen many restaurant openings, but have always failed to succeed. Zak suspects that maybe this is due to Governor Peabody’s disdain for unionized workers and may have given restaurant employees the creeps because of this. For this reason, the guys decide to do part of the lockdown unlike any lockdown they have ever done.


Wondering if Governor Peabody just loathes any assemblage of employees like waiters, they start the lockdown by hiring two servers to serve them a multi-course meal in the mansion. For this experiment they set up four static night vision camera around the dining table, along with a voice recorder set up on a tripod, a couple of REM-PODS, and a thermal imaging camera. Unbeknownst to the waiter and waitress, the guys have set up two hidden cameras to film their reactions in the prep room. They do this so they can later eavesdrop on any strange experiences that the servers may be feeling.

While waiting for their food, Zak feels something touch the top of his head and reacts to it. Later, when they had reviewed the footage, one of the night vision static cameras show a strange orb anomaly shooting down into Zak’s head, and then Zak reacts. They debunk it as not being an insect. The second course has been served and the guys notice that the waiters seem to be avoiding the prep room altogether for some unknown reason. The waiters step outside on a break. It is during this time that Zak Nick, and Aaron hear a disembodied voice with their own ears. It is a female voice saying, “waitress” and is captured for us to hear. The male waiter comes back inside the house and Zak questions whether or not he or the other server said “waitress”. He denies doing so. Zak hurries to find where the female server is, and she is quite a long distance away from the house outside and it would be impossible to hear her voice. The final course is served and we see some footage from the hidden camera in the prep room. The waitress is revealing to her co-worker that she feels eerie and that her hands are solid red for some unexplainable reason.

After the waiters leave, UFC fighter Brendan Shaub arrives as a special guest investigator. They descend to the basement of the mansion and use a SB-7 radio device that scans through frequencies. Spirits are able to communicate through this device with their voices in the white noise. This is the area where it is rumored that a lady was buried after being raped and murdered by construction workers in the 1970’s. With the SB-7 device Zak begins asking questions:

Zak: “What is your name?”
Response in male voice: “Pete”

Zak: “Can you say the name of one of us?”
Response in same male voice: “Yourself”

Aaron: “Are you a smart-ass?”
Response in same male voice: “No”

Zak: “Are you a nice guy or a mean guy?”
Response in same male voice: “Watch it.”

Zak: “Listen to me very carefully. I want you to tell me what happened to a girl down here?”
Response in same male voice: “She was raped.”

Zak: “I want you to tell me who raped her.”
Response in same male voice: “It was____” (unable to make out name)

Zak: “Did you witness the rape?”
Response in same male voice: “It is violent here.”

Zak: “Are there any bodies down here, and if so, where?”
Response in same male voice: “Street.”

At this response Zak walks over to the area where straight above them is where the street would be located. He shines his flashlight on the area and the SB-7 device speaks, “found it.” Brendan walks over to join Zak in the area and the SB-7 device says, “He’s scared.” Zak now asks the following question:

Zak: “Tell me who you said is scared? What’s his name?”
Response in new female voice: “Brendan!”

The guys are all stunned and decide to walk to a nearby area to collect themselves. They turn off the SB-7 device and get out a digital voice recorder. Upon review they notice that they had picked up an E.V.P. of a voice saying, “tell on me.” Zak holds up his voice recorder and asks everyone to be still. He then says:

Zak: “Stand-by…Stand-by…If there’s any spirits here…”
(At this point the voice recorder has picked up a voice that seems to be mocking Zak.)
Disembodied voice on voice recorder: “Stand-by.”

Brendan informs the guys that he believes that something just touched his ankle. They believe that since Brendan’s name was called out earlier by a spirit and he seems to be an attraction for the spirits, that they will leave Brendan alone in the basement while the rest of them go to the third floor to investigate. Brendan is now left alone and has a creepy feeling. He shares that he can hear footsteps.

When Zak, Nick, and Aaron reach the third floor, Nick feels like a cold wind just blew in his face. Zak quickly gets out his Mel Meter to measure for presences of electromagnetic energy. The guys decide that it is time to bring Brendan up from the basement. He is more than happy to do so.

After Brendan leaves the lockdown, the crew heads back down to the basement. They discover that there is a small crawl space underneath the street. Zak snaps a photo and captures a strange purple-mist image that looks like a woman’s face. He snaps another photo, but that anomaly is not in the second photo.

After the investigation, the GA crew contact the Denver police department. The detectives asked if they could review the evidence captured by the SB-7 device. The Denver police gave them contact information of a company that assists in local law enforcement and in the recovery of human remains. Detectives are now considering opening a cold-case file into this investigation.

Quotable Quotes:

Nick to Aaron and Zak:  “This is really weird.”
Zak to Nick: “I think this is the weirdest lockdown ever.”

Aaron (in an Italian accent): “This is a good meatball.”

Aaron to Zak and Nick: “I do have to say, the parmesan is real parmesan-y tasting…I don’t like that.”

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  • tyler

    did the police department ever actually recover a body at the peabody mansion?

  • Lynn

    Has anything come of this investigation and findings?

  • chelsey

    when zak ask ‘I want you to tell me who raped her’ i think pete said i was Wayne or wane

    • chelsey


      • Kayleigh

        It was rumoured she was raped by construction workers. When Zak asked who raped her, I think the spirit said “many”

    • Mary

      I agree! That’s what I heard “Wayne”. I thought they bleeped it since it could be a case

  • Lynn Giacinto

    Am I the only one who saw a skull halfway unearthed right where the spirit said “found it”?

    • Cynthia Campbell

      It was clearly a skull. Denver police refused to investigate because the Ghost hunters found the body and made them look like fools.

  • Thomas Emanoff

    They re-aired this episode tonight, December 3, 2016. Reading the old comments in this thread going back four years, any further updates on this since? I did some Googling on this, but nothing.

  • Cynthia Campbell

    I clearly saw that skull as well. Why isn’t it mentioned in the recap???