Friday, February 23, 2018

Here’s a look at the new #SDCC press badges!


We knew RFID technology was coming to SDCC and after a trial run at Wonder Con, new badges are being rolled out for SDCC 2016.

Instead of the old white paper badge, these new badges are plastic, encased in a sturdier plastic cover, and they feature an ad. In this case, it’s AMC’s The Walking Dead. Negan and Lucille are prominently displayed. There is also a light blue press ribbon (not shown) to adhere to the bottom of the pass to make it easier to distinguish which type of badge everyone has.

The RFID chips require that attendees “tap” in and out whenever they enter or leave a room. At Wonder Con, the tap stations were posted at every door leading to the exhibit hall, panels and large auditoriums.

SDCC has sent emails to certain badgeholders with information on the mailing process for badges. International attendees will be sent barcodes in lieu of physical badges, which will be redeemed onsite.
For more information about the badges and mailing procedures, visit SDCC’s FAQ:

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