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Fear the Walking Dead Recap S2E9: Los Muertos

Tonight’s recap of Fear the Walking Dead features a continuation of Nick the Immortal, as well as an update on Madison and Strand.

Nick is sleeping in the infirmary and is awakened by a woman coughing in the bed beside him. He gets up and sees bloody rags in the basin on the table. He gets out of bed and goes outside to find the town is very quiet. In fact, he’s alone. Everyone is gone.

Soon he comes across a little girl who is sobbing because her father is down below with the rest of the town. Luciana and Alejandro are with the man, who boards a bus that is parked between two yards. One is full of the townspeople, and the other is full of the dead. Nick tries to keep the little girl from watching, but her father is quickly surrounded and killed. She runs away and Nick looks on in horror, and sick fascination.

Meanwhile, Strand drives the truck with Ofelia in the seat behind him, and Madison and Alicia in the bed. Madison pounds on the truck to get him to stop, and she gets out to survey the area. Alicia says it has been two days, and still no sign of anyone. Alicia says they could be anywhere, and Strand points out that they can’t continue being scavengers. They need water, and there is water on the boat.

Nick wanders the town until he is called upon by an old woman to help her tend the wounded. Alejandro helps an old man who cautions against using up the medicines, but Alejandro says they don’t need to worry about that today.

Strand looks out into the ocean and finds that the military has taken the Abigail. Alicia suggests that they go to the hotel on the beach. Madison s hesitant to stop looking for Nick, but Alicia says that whether she likes it or not, they’ve only got each other. They leave a message for Nick on the beach and then move North along the sand to the hotel. It’s a huge resort that could be crawling with the dead, but it’s their only shot.

Nick washes the bowls full of bandages when Luciana appears and says they have work to do. (She speaks Spanish to him and he doesn’t understand, but he follows her anyway)

Strand jimmies the door to the hotel. Someone tried to barricade the door from the inside, but there is no sign of them. Strand starts ringing the bell, and it remains quiet. “Subpar service,” he deadpans to Madison.

Luciana takes Nick to the bus and goes out the back to the other side. The dead see her and start moving toward her, but she pins one of them to the wall and starts using his blood to paint all over herself. She tells Nick that he’s to remain absolutely quiet around her. She’s taking him with her on this mission because no one will miss him.

Ofelia opens up to Strand as they search the hotel. They find a room that was hosting a wedding, and she reveals that she was once engaged but she had to break it off to take care of her parents. Strand cautions her against thinking about the past because it will kill you.

Nick wants to know what happened that morning. Luciana explains that people who are near death want to help the dead, but Nick wonders what would happen if they just became lunch. The dead are returning, and then the world will be remade, she tells him. She also says the little girl’s father had been bitten, and that’s why he did what he did.

Alicia suggests going through the guest rooms for supplies. Madison doesn’t want her to go off with Ofelia, but Alicia says that she’s been taking care of herself all her life. They leave, and Strand pours her a drink because she looks like shit.

Luciana explains that the armed men in the town are part of a gang. She offers the leader some guns and some medicine, and so he signals his man to give her a shopping cart so that she can fill it with water. It turns out that the men are guarding a giant warehouse full of food and supplies, and they’re the ones who control what goes out of it.

Strand and Madison bond over drinks while Alicia and Ofelia search the floors. They come upon a room with the dead inside, and then they realize that the rooms with “do not disturb” signs are ones that have been marked as safe by whoever was there before them. The minibar has been raided. Alicia comes upon a dead man in the shower who had hanged himself. He’s stuck, and seeing him that way stops Ofelia in her tracks.

Nick and Luciana go shopping for items in the infirmary. There’s even piped in music in the store, which is really strange considering what’s going on. Beyong the aisles are rows and rows of people in beds and tents. Nick looks at them and keeps moving.

The next room yields much better results for the girls. Ofelia notes that there’s still hot water. Alicia cleans out the minibar and ponders why the man gave up. She says there’s no way she’d stop trying, but Ofelia thinks they aren’t going to make it. The only thing they have is hope, Alicia says, and if they lose that they’re dead. She tells Ofelia that they’re all family now, but Ofelia says “family is family,” which is weird considering that they’re trying to help.

As Nick and Luciana leave the store, the men come after them and accuse Nick of stealing food. Indeed, he has packages in his pants and they knock him out for his indiscretion. They’re going to cut his hands off, but he asks Luciana to tell the man that his sister is coming off Oxy and he uses that to his advantage to bargain for another cart of water. The gang guy knows that Nick speaks the truth, and they allow him to take a second cart. Luciana says as they leave that those men don’t know where they live, now they’re interested.

Madison and Strand talk about the possibility of them running into each other while on a family vacation. Strand admits that he would have talked up some nonsense just to talk to her. Strand enjoys seducing people, he admits. But now there’s no more world to come up in, and none of it matters anymore. It’s all gone. Madison knows that Alicia is right, and she’s never going to see Nick again. Strand says that he’s bulletproof, but Madison says he was born lost, and he has been slipping away his entire life. He shares the darkness with his father. Strand wants to know how Steven passed away, and she explains that he came home from his job site and crossed the median into oncoming traffic. She told the kids that he fell asleep, but it wasn’t true. She was hiding his demons from the kids. She says that no matter what she does the kids. They drink to motherhood but she smashes the glass, so they toast to false hope and she breaks the glass again. Strand goes t play the piano while she smashes more glasses, and the sounds attract the dead stuck in the building across the street.

Upstairs, Alicia gets out of the shower to find that Ofelia is gone. The door to the balcony is open and as she walks toward it, a body falls from above. She sees in the courtyard that the dead are falling from their balconies onto the ground below. She runs down the hall to the stairs, but the stairs are now full of the dead. She’s trapped.

Nick returns to the village and offers the food he stole to the little girl. Luciana watches him and sees what he did. “Lo siento,” Nick tells the little girl. Luciana calls him and they go to Alejandro’s house. Alejandro has heard that he almost started a war, and Nick says that the little girl needed comfort. Alejandro thinks he’s wrong, and he goes to show him that they are running low on drugs. They’ll run out of drugs, but soon the world will be clean of death and they’ll live on because they have been chosen. Alejandro leans down and Nick sees that there is a huge chunk missing from his shoulder. Alejandro tells Nick he can stay, but that if he puts them in danger Nick will be fed to the dead.

Strand and Madison continue their drunken revelry until Strand sees one of the dead land outside. There are more coming, and he tells Madison they have to leave. Soon the bar is overrun with the dead, and while they fight, we see Alejandro telling his flock that they are the children of the resurrection, and that they have been chosen. Nick repeats Alejandro’s words while Alicia finds herself trapped.

It looks like things are picking up for the Fear crew. What did you think of tonight’s nonstop episode?

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