Friday, February 23, 2018

Fear the Walking Dead Recap S2E11: Pablo and Jessica

Fear the Walking Dead picks up steam with “Pablo & Jessica”, offering a glimpse into Madison and Nick’s stories at the same time.

Madison took a big step in tonight’s episode of Fear the Walkimv5bmtcymtgzmdcxmv5bml5banbnxkftztgwmtcxndc5ote-_v1_sy1000_cr0014991000_al_ng Dead. She embraced the madness and did whatever it took to reunite with Alicia. That motivation paid off when Alicia found her while fleeing the infected and the other hotel guests.

Nick wanted to prove his worth to Alejandro so he started manufacturing weakened batches of Oxy to use as a bartering tool with the guys who ran the store. Alejandro was impressed and imparted the story of how he was bitten and survived to Nick as a reward.

In one of the biggest moments for Madison so far, Madison negotiated a truce with Oscar, telling him that she and Strand know how to navigate this post-apocalyptic world, and that if they don’t do something to reinforce the perimeter, their safe haven will be taken from them. Oscar handed over the hotel keys, realizing that Madison was right. Eventually, Oscar’s group pitched in to help as Alicia and Strand cleared one of the hotel floors. As they prepared to burn the bodies on the beach, Alicia realized that they can use the pier to clear the infected.

Alejandro rewarded Nick’s innovation with a place of his own. Luciana’s brother is found dead, and she hugs Nick in a moment of support. It looks like Nick has found a place in his new community. Luciana even came over to visit Nick in his new place and helped him with his Spanish lessons. This led to some apocalypse cuddling and coitus.

Alicia’s plan to clear the infected worked like a charm. The horde of infected followed Madison out onto the pier and when she jumped off the pier, they jumped. Madison got into the boat while the strong riptide swept the infected into the ocean. The group celebrated with a big dinner but groom Pablo was nowhere to be seen. Strand went upstairs to find him outside his dead bride’s room. Strand told him that keeping her around wasn’t doing him any good, and Pablo accepted Strand’s help in putting her out of her misery.

It was a much better episode this week, mainly because the two locations provide enough action to keep viewers occupied. Madison has stepped up into a leadership role, while Nick has found his place in La Colonia.

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