Friday, February 23, 2018

The presenters looked robotic, but the games and news were very exciting. I can’t wait for the fall.

It would be safe to say that EA is a leader in the sports genre so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when they start their presentation with a preview of the new Madden game, Madden 18. It shouldn’t, but it did. They didn’t talk too much about it. They showed the trailer for it then moved on.

The first game they focused on was Battlefield 1. They said that 20 million players have already played Battlefield 1. I will say I haven’t played it yet, but I did play in the beta and it was pretty cool. It is very much a game I plan on getting, eventually.

As for announcements, it was announced that two new maps will be added that take place in the trenches, at night. This should be interesting. They also announced that there will be an expansion called “In the name of the Tsar.” If you know history then you know the Tsar’s were rulers of Russia. So we will be fighting on the Russian front, but it will be the World War One Russian front. Here they will have six new maps and two new fighting units, the Hussar cavalry and the Women’s battalion of death. And it’s all being released in September.

Next they talked about the FIFA and Madden championships. And how they were about to take regular people and make them superstars in the sports genre of video games. They also showed some of the footage for the next FIFA game, FIFA18. All I can say is, wow. The graphics look amazing. There was a screenshot of a stadium that for a moment I thought it was just stock footage, but it wasn’t. And the player look and play like real people. They showed that this was accomplished by taking one of soccer’s best player, Christiano Ronaldo, and use motion capture technology to transform his movements into data that the developers can use. There will also be a story mode centered on a fictional soccer player, Alex Hunter.

Following that was Need for Speed: Payback. It looked good and the story mode looked interesting. A feature I would like to try out is taking a car from an empty field or junk yard and turning it into a street racer.

After that they talked more about EA Originals which announced last year. It is a way for up and coming developers and smaller studios to stand on firm ground while making their games with all the profits going back to the developers.

One such project that is being released is called “A Way Out.” I will about that the trailer did nothing for me. The story is of two prisoners, that don’t like each other, have to work together to escape. Yeah, I have seen this movie/TV show before, right? Well hold on there. The reason I would play this is not the storyline, which usually is the main reason I play a game. The mechanics really are revolutionary. It is a two player, Coach Co-op game. That means you need another player. But only one other player. They said you can go online with that person or do the split screen. Also, there are times when your character will be in a cut scene but your partner can move around. This sounds like a fascinating idea.

Afterwards they teased Bioware’s new game Anthem. And by teased I mean it was just a few seconds long. Yes, an actual tease of a trailer.

This was followed by NBA Live 2018. The big thing they were pushing for NBA Live 2018 was something called “The One.” In August everyone will be able to download a demo where you can start “The One.” So what is “The One.” From what I understood it looks to be a type of legacy story where you can play basketball in different venues (Street, professional) and different locations. And you actions in each one will affect your legacy.

Finally, in my opinion, they saved the very best for last. (I might be biased in that statement.) They talked more about Star Wars Battlefront 2 and releasing a new trailer. On a personal note, I watched the trailer after the announcement and was on the edge of pre-ordering (I already knew I would get it when it was released.) After watching the presentation, I might get the game for both the computer and the console. (Please don’t judge me. I’m a Star Wars fan, that’s my only excuse.)

So where do we begin? Well, let’s start by saying that the storyline in Battlefront 2 will take place between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens. Coach Co-op will be available in skirmish mode. Another thing they kept saying was that the developers for Battlefront HAVE been listening. And it seems like they have given us everything people have asked for. Well not VR, yet. Let’s focus on all the other great things we can expect.

For one, we will be able to play in all three eras of the Star Wars history; prequel, original, and next gen. We will be getting different classes that do individual abilities. Instead of picking up tokens on the battlefield, we will be given battle points that we can use to spend on weapons, classes, vehicles or heroes. Oh yeah, there will be heroes from both sides. There will also be themed season events that will cost you a whopping 0$. That’s right all future content for Battlefront 2 will be available to everyone free of charge. And it will start with Fin and Captain Phasma being released during the holiday season.

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