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On April 2, 2017 during Fan Expo Dallas, DC Comics announced the next event that comes out this summer and it sounds interesting. It’s going to include the talents of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo with Jim Lee doing some of the art. This will be the first time this trio will be fully in charge of an event. They have all worked on events in the past for Marvel but this is their first for DC comics.

When Scott Snyder pitched the idea to DC Comics, over a year and a half ago, they told him a story line this epic would need to have a lead in. To that end it will start with Dark Days: The Forge which will go on sale June 14 2017. It will be followed up the next month with Dark Days: The Casting. Then in August we will finally be introduced to Dark Nights: METAL. The theme, is case you haven’t noticed, is metal, or metalwork to be more precise. The idea is that some great mystery has been hidden in plain sight since humans have first started using tools. It will start off with Batman finding a few strange occurrences in Gotham City. Then as he starts to investigate he finds that there is more to this mystery, a lot more. Scott Snyder said he likes the idea that Batman has solved every mystery that he has come across but what if this one made Batman think twice about whether he should solve it. If nothing else, that might be why I get this book. What mystery makes Batman ask if he should really solve this?

But Dark Nights: METAL won’t just be the past, they will be taking us to the future. During the panel they said that it will include “Lazers and dinosaurs. Yes, lasers with a Z.” That last part was just a joke but it seem to bring home the point of how excited they are to bring this to us. Scott Snyder also mentioned that “dark” isn’t just gloomy, mysterious, or scary. But also the dark sciences; dark matter, dark energy and dark theory. That would be another reference of how the story takes place in the future. They showed some of the covers for the upcoming books and as of April 2, 2017 the cover for Dark Days: The Casting only had the line art.

This summer event will involve the entire cast of the DC Universe yet Hawkman was brought up just as much as Batman. It makes me wonder how Hawkman will play into this. It was also said that if you have been paying attention to the books that there are Easter Eggs that point to this event. On the other hand, they said that no prior reading was necessary for this event as all the information would be handed to the readers. When asked if this had anything to do with Rebirth, they said nothing at the end of Rebirth would point to anything in this book.

Originally, Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder had thought of doing a non-Batman book so they could exercise some new muscles and tell new stories. Until Scott came up with Dark Nights: METAL. Scott wanted a story that really plays up to Greg Capullo’s art style and nothing says Greg Capullo more than METAL! The one thing Greg Capullo is most excited about is being able to draw other characters from the DCU.

Finally, Dark Days: METAL will run for 6 issues released on a monthly basis. When asked if this event would affect the other DC books Scott Snyder said yes and included that he will be working with the other writers at DC so that all of the books flow evenly with Dark Days: METAL.




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