Friday, February 23, 2018

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Transcending the Barriers: An Interview with Dir En Grey Bassist Toshiya

Japanese metal band Dir En Grey, having recorded eight full-length records and toured through Asia, Europe, South and North America, returned to the United States this fall with their “Ghoul” tour. Hailed by critics for what’s called a “transcendent sound”, [...]

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JetSet Rejects: The Perfect Storm

by Kimmie Chameleon: Like a runaway train barreling down a mountainside, JetSet Rejects comes at you with a force so great, the impact slams you to the ground and embeds a lasting impression. To describe the band is nearly impossible. [...]

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Books, Drugs, and Music: An Interview with Joe Clifford

by Laramore Black: Author and musician Joe Clifford, in his own words: “As an artist, I explore the dark places, the uncomfortable places, the dingy bricks and concrete cracks of a cold uncaring city. I write about the criminals and [...]

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Setting in the East: Diamanda Galas on Women and Real Horror

by Shane Lange: Women in Horror Month may be over but its examination of gender roles and issues is an ongoing process. One must look askance at prevailing values in order to see them from different perspectives and avant-garde composer, [...]

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Mick Scott

Riding Against the Grain: An Interview with the Incomparable Mick Scott

by Kimmie Chameleon: With his highly contagious mad energy and infectious laugh, the incomparable Mick Scott is a force to be reckoned with. Originally from Ontario, Canada, the long time resident of Los Angeles is no stranger to chaos. In [...]

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F*ck the Facts: Mel Mongeon on Metal and Motherhood

by Shane Lange: Canadian grindcore band Fuck the Facts has been terrorizing North America for 15 years with their innovative brand of extreme music. Currently on the last leg of an intensive U.S. tour which ends in Philadelphia on Sunday [...]

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Daniel Victor

A Conversation with Daniel Victor: “The messages I convey are directly from the stories in my heart.”

Canadian producer, songwriter, and recording artist Daniel Victor revolutionized the music industry with Neverending White Lights: “a groundbreaking collaborative project, band, and conceptual album series”. In November of 2011 Victor and NWL released a third studio album, Act III: Love Will Ruin. This [...]

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Bestial Mouths: Music for the Apocalypse

by Shane Lange: “We want people to feel alive by being disturbed by our sounds and the images we connect with them.” What does the end of the world look like? A flock of sheep roaming the halls of a [...]

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“Need a hero? Look in the mirror and fight ’til you have nothing left; then turn that nothing into everything you’ve ever dreamed.” -Greg Moorman

Hailing from North Hollywood, California, Aponia is an alternative rock band on the rise — recently having made their on-stage debut this June, headlining the World Famous Whisky A Go Go.  While often described as ‘vintage rock’ – a blend between [...]

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