Friday, February 23, 2018

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Sleepy Hollow Recap, Season 1, Ep 4 “The Lesser Key of Solomon”

by Kevin A. Ranson: Ichabod Crane: topics scholared, tyrants patrioted and relationships advised. Awaiting Abbie’s return from visiting with her sister, Crane laments the loss of his wife Katrina, a heartfelt story offered to console a downtrodden NorthStar rep who [...]

Horror, Sleepy Hollow (NBC)

Sleepy Hollow Recap, Season 1, Ep 3 “For the Triumph of Evil”

by Kevin A. Ranson: White eyes, no eyes, it’s all demon hunting to me (with apologies to Billy Joel). Called into the station late at night, Abbie is introduced to Dr. Mara Vega by Captain Irving on their way to [...]

Horror, Sleepy Hollow (NBC)

Sleepy Hollow Recap, Season 1, Ep. 2 “Blood Moon”

by Kevin A. Ranson: With the kind of visions Ichabod Crane endures, does he ever get any sleep? Running not just from ol’ Headless but all Four Horseman, the vines of a tree drag Crane under the earth where Katrina [...]

Horror, Sleepy Hollow (NBC)
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Sleepy Hollow Recap, Season 1, Ep.1 “Pilot”

by Kevin Ranson: Hudson Valley, New York, 1781. Fighting for the Colonists, Ichabod Crane is called into battle and targets a masked Hessian soldier with a brand on his sword hand and a tattoo on the back of his bald [...]

Horror, Sleepy Hollow (NBC)