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Dracula S1E6 “Of Monsters and Men” Recap

Original Airdate: December 6, 2013 Grayson steps out into his garden.  Sunlight is pouring through the trees.  He looks around in confused wonder before playing with the water in the fountain.  He smiles and looks up, raising his arms in [...]

Dracula (NBC)

Dracula S1E5 “The Devil’s Waltz” Recap

Original Airdate (NBC): November 29, 2013 Mina awakens to find Grayson in her room.  She orders him to leave, but he says he must tell her something.  Marrying Jonathan will be the biggest mistake of her life.  She disagrees and [...]

Dracula (NBC)

Dracula S1E4 “From Darkness to Light” Recap

Original Airdate: November 15, 2013 As Lady Jayne predicted, as soon as the Seers were gone, vampires would descend upon London.  And they do.  As modern creatures, some arrive on the train.  What they don’t know is that Lady Jayne, [...]

Dracula (NBC)

Dracula S1E3 “Goblin Merchant Men” Recap

Original Airdate: November 8, 2013 Last week we saw Alexander Grayson getting his players ready in the great chess game that he’s playing with the Order of the Dragon.  With help from Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker, Grayson is ready [...]

Dracula (NBC)

Dracula Recap S1E2: “A Whiff of Sulfur”

Original Airdate (NBC): November 1, 2013 Welcome back to Dracula, ladies and gentlemen.  The premiere episode’s ratings were solid, so it looks like our beloved Count is staying put for the time being. Alexander Grayson is out for a stroll.  [...]

Dracula (NBC)

Dracula S1E1 Recap: “The Blood Is The Life”

Original Airdate: October 25, 2013 Romania, 1881.  Two men drop into an underground chamber where a sarcophagus has been buried for a very long time.  Pictures of impaled bodies adorn the crypt.  One man goes straight for the treasure underneath [...]

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