Friday, February 23, 2018

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Constantine S1E4 “A Feast of Friends” Recap

A man obviously isn’t feeling well and is trying to get through customs.  He’s just come from the Sudan to Atlanta and agents are trying to figure out what is his story.  The man is Gary Lester.  He is on his [...]

Constantine (NBC)

Constantine S1E3 “The Devil’s Vinyl” Recap

I am really digging this show.  The latest episode had me hearing creepy whispers during nap time at work today. Let’s begin. Moonrise Studios, Chicago, IL.  A blond woman enters the abandoned and decrepit studio.  Dead animals of all shapes [...]

Constantine (NBC)

Constantine S1E2 “The Darkness Beneath” Recap

Heddwich, Pennsylvania.  The miners in town have just gotten off work.  Filthy and tired they all head home.  Lannis is a supervisor who has had a bad night.  More men threatened to quit.  They keep hearing sounds in the mine. [...]

Constantine (NBC)

Constantine S1E1 “Non Est Asylum” Recap

Just finished watching Constantine.  Let me start off by saying I was a fan of the movie that had Keanu Reeves in the starring role – and I haven’t, as of yet, read the comics.  I am planning on rectifying [...]

Constantine (NBC)