Friday, February 23, 2018

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Active Voices: Jenny Jaffe and Project UROK

For many of us, our various fandoms consist of meeting up, dressing up, sharing our passions and finding good times. But for many fans, the joy of doing what you love is muted by the pain of isolation and the [...]

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Comics & Coffee with Andrez Bergen

Andrez Bergen is an expat Australian author, journalist, DJ, comic book artist, and ad hoc saké connoisseur who’s been entrenched in Tokyo, Japan, for the past 13 years. He makes music as Little Nobody and previously ran groundbreaking Melbourne record [...]


Transcending the Barriers: An Interview with Dir En Grey Bassist Toshiya

Japanese metal band Dir En Grey, having recorded eight full-length records and toured through Asia, Europe, South and North America, returned to the United States this fall with their “Ghoul” tour. Hailed by critics for what’s called a “transcendent sound”, [...]

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Tonight’s Special – Sacrament: An Interview with Dallas filmmaker Shawn Ewert

Dallas filmmaker Shawn Ewert with Right Left Turn Productions is completing work on his feature-length horror film “Sacrament.” The dramatically unnerving trailer has recently been revealed, and it recalls the nightmarish intensity of Kevin Smith’s “Red State” mixed with a [...]

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Celebrating 35 Years of HALLOWEEN with Stef Hutchinson

by Mike Schoonveld: Stef Hutchinson, who wrote, produced and directed the 25 Years of Terror documentary is also the mastermind behind the very clever and well thought out Halloween comics. In the following interview, we talk about Stef attending conventions, [...]

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JetSet Rejects: The Perfect Storm

by Kimmie Chameleon: Like a runaway train barreling down a mountainside, JetSet Rejects comes at you with a force so great, the impact slams you to the ground and embeds a lasting impression. To describe the band is nearly impossible. [...]

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Books, Drugs, and Music: An Interview with Joe Clifford

by Laramore Black: Author and musician Joe Clifford, in his own words: “As an artist, I explore the dark places, the uncomfortable places, the dingy bricks and concrete cracks of a cold uncaring city. I write about the criminals and [...]

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Sense of Wonder: An Interview with International Best-Selling Fantasy Author Raymond E. Feist

It began with the masterpiece of epic fantasy, Magician, in 1982 and ended with Magician’s End in 2013, when Raymond E. Feist brought his classic series of magic, action and adventure, the Riftwar Cycle, to a conclusion in May. The [...]

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Vampire Noir: An Interview with Emmy Award Winning Writer Michael Reaves and Team Behind “Blood Kiss”

What do you get when you mix vampires, a classic noir detective story, Emmy Award winning writer Michael Reaves, and the acting debut of New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman? You have Blood Kiss, an independent film (coining the term “Vamp [...]

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