Friday, December 15, 2017

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The Amazing Spider-man the Ultimate Newspaper Comics Collection

Go back in time to when Spider Man was in newspapers. IDW Publishing released its fourth volume from The Amazing Spider-man the Ultimate Newspaper Comics Collection. This books collects the Spider-man comics that appeared in newspapers from 1983-1984. They were [...]

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Star Trek Waypoint #6 and Star Trek Visions #17

Go boldly with the crew of the Enterprise across space and time with these Star Trek comics. The newest issue of Star Trek Waypoint came out (Star Trek Waypoint #6) recently. The great thing about the Waypoint books is also [...]

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Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four The World’s Greatest Artist Edition

IDW releases another Artist Edition book using Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four. Another Artist Edition book was released by IDW recently. This time they are proud to present you with Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four. For those that don’t know, Artist Edition books are [...]

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BattleTech audio books on Audible

I have a rather lengthy commute to work and that means a lot of time to myself. I use this time to think about things. If I have nothing to think about, or I am too tired to think, I [...]

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The Mighty Captain Marvel #1 review

Carol Danvers is back as iconic Captain Marvel in The Mighty Captain Marvel #1. She’s dealing with the fallout of Civil War II as well as a few other distractions. Captain Marvel returns triumphant in The Mighty Captain Marvel #1, [...]

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Justice League of America Rebirth: Killer Frost #1 review

Batman is putting together a new Justice League of his very own, and he’s recruiting Killer Frost as one of the inaugural members. An exciting new era is about to begin in the Justice League of America following the events [...]

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DC Comics: Harley Quinn #12 review

Harley Quinn #12 brings the conclusion of the two-part “Joker Loves Harley” arc featuring Joker’s unexpected return in Harley’s life. As expected, hijinks ensue. “Joker Loves Harley” reaches its thrilling conclusion in Harley Quinn #12, the latest issue of one [...]

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The Matriarch: Changeling

Kevin A. Ranson’s The Matriarch: Changeling is the latest and greatest installment of the Matriarch series. Not only does the story’s plot thicken and rise to literary bliss, but it also gets to the meat of the action without any [...]

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Batgirl #42 Review

Batgirl #42: Review by Paul Bowler Life’s just got a whole lot more complicated for Barbara Gordon. Her dad’s the new robo-suited Batman, her roommate, Frankie, knows her secret and wants to help Batgirl fight crime, and now Livewire is [...]

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