Friday, December 15, 2017

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Night Demon [Novel Excerpt]

by Lisa Kessler: Gretchen nodded. “Agreed. So how do we get there?” “We fly.” Gretchen jumped back from him so fast, he almost flinched. “No. Way. No way.” She rubbed her hands up her arms while looking out at the [...]

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Lost Mojo [Novel Excerpt]

by Kris Sedersten: AUTHOR’S NOTE Though second in the Mojo series, Lost Mojo, is the prequel to the book Mojo. First published under the title, The Spirit Seekers, this version has been rewritten with new, in-depth details. Now, hopefully, the muse is satisfied and [...]

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Immortal Suicide [Poetry]

by Lily Luchesi: I thought I died Then I opened my eyes The moonlight…it was too bright I had to shade my face I felt like I was burning I tried to stand But it was so hard I was [...]

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The Purge [Short Fiction]

by Zack Kullis: Solitude grants volume to even the faintest of noises.  The wind breaking against the old building hummed and moaned until it whistled in through cracks and broken windows.  Rotten floorboards creaked and sighed.  Bones, shells, enchanted pottery and [...]

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A Perfect Match [Short Fiction]

by Pat Tyrer: She cut across the park in the rain, moving as quickly as her heels would allow. The heavy cloud cover left the park dreary; even the grass looked grayish. The trees had given into fall and the smell [...]

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Genesis [Novel Excerpt]

by Wade Garret: For fear of interception, the following wire was secured with Baudot Coding. Mr. Black-STOP– Mina must die-STOP–The cult must not gain another Master to its ranks-STOP–If it does, the situation in Collezia will force our hand-STOP–You have [...]

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Play Of Death

by Lily Luchesi: Look around Look at us So darkly picturesque But we’re not what we seem None of us We go upstairs & play-act We maim, cut, whip & draw blood All because of some inner turmoil Not because [...]

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Dead Tired

by R. A. Bane: The fog seeming danced on the crisp evening air As noises came out from nowhere I was making my way home And tired to the bone I had gotten off work much later Now my need [...]

Short Fiction and Poetry

Dewritten, Part 4: The End

Reader’s Choice selection from DMC’s flash fiction group, Friday Frights. by  K.L. Coones: He peered through his dark glasses at what was left of the small sign for the Lion’s Head Inn outside.  Beyond it, where once was a small village [...]

Friday Frights