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Being Human Recap: “Puppy Love”
Original Air Date (BBC Three): Sunday March 11, 2012
Series 4 Episode 6

There is nothing comparable to the feeling of elation caused by a budding romance. Side effects of this condition include: awkwardness, euphoria, confusion, and the notion that you are indestructible at one moment and can instantly have the feeling that you are made out of Jell-O the next. This week’s episode finds Tom experiencing quite possibly his first love. Hal may be centuries old, but is faced with the will crushing temptation of womanly affection. Annie has the hard task of helping a fellow ghost resolve his unfinished business…and really, the root of all problems come down to love, don’t it?

Ceefax People 

Tom and Hal notice that a young lady werewolf is across the street from the café. They chase her down and reveal to her that they know what she is so that she can quickly disable her “rape”alarm blaring in the street. She joins them back at their apartment and introduces herself as Allison (two L’s) and that she has been purposely tracking down Tom (no H). This quirky and chatty little lady informs Tom, Hal, and Annie that Tom is a Youtube sensation. It is a viral video of him transforming into a werewolf. (What all four of them don’t know is that this is the video Cutler posted.) There is even a Facebook group dedicated to locating Tom’s whereabouts. Allison is horrified that the supernaturals are increasingly becoming more and more exposed to the human public. She wants to find out who is doing this and kindly ask them to stop. Tom tells her that the vampires are to blame because he recognizes the video at the loading dock that the vampires control. Tom and Allison abruptly hatch a plan to run down to the loading docks to talk to the vampires.

Cutler has been happily preparing his own agenda to present to the Old Ones upon their impending arrival. He is shocked when Golda, head of UK Operations arrives. She brings along with her Kane (vampiric bodyguard) and Piot (vampiric whipping boy). Golda explains that she will be taking over the preparations for the Old Ones arrival. Cutler silences himself, but plots to ruin Golda’s plans.

Tom and Allison show up at the loading dock and find Piot. Allison would like for nothing more than to use her excellent debating skills to convince the vampires to stop posting werewolf videos. She believes that humanity is not ready to accept their exposure. Allison’s naivity nearly gets her killed, but Tom stakes Piot through the heart before he can harm Allison. Allison is horrified by Tom’s swift violence but he explains to her that this is war and they are all soldiers. Tom brings Allison with him to speak to Cutler. Cutler plays it off that he has no idea about the viral video but vows to help them talk to the vampires about the situation.

Revision Buddies

Nothing makes Hal more keen than a routine. Order calms his blood-thirst temptation, but isolation has left him a social recluse. An attractive woman named Alex chats up Hal in the café. Although Hal seems interested, he stumbles over every bit of himself. Tom encourages Hal to ask her out on a date and after Hal refuses, Tom forces it with a double date. This would be a perfect opportunity for Tom to profess his amorous intentions with Allison and present a safe environment for Hal to date a human woman.

The double date takes place at a museum. Tom tries to let his feelings be known to Allison, but she is too consumed with fixing up Hal and Alex. Tom and Allison get called away to meet Cutler and so Hal is on his own. The pressure is too much for Hal and he crumbles when Alex suggest they kiss. Perhaps Hal will get a second chance at Alex another day.

Tom and Allison arrive to meet up with Cutler. Cutler has devised a plan to rid himself of Golda and Kane. He will send Kane to capture the werewolves Tom and Allison, while Tom and Allison will think that they are meeting Kane to strike a deal about stopping their exposure. Tom successfully stakes Kane and Allison is on cloud 9 from the victory.

Now that Allison had a taste of violence she is massively turned on. She tries to seduce Tom into sleeping with her, but he refuses. He feels guilty for changing the “perfect” Allison. Tom leaves Allison in his bedroom and goes downstairs to sulk, but stumbles upon a recent newspaper article about Allison. Her parents are urging her to return home. Tom returns to his room, but Allison is gone. Allison has gone down to the docks to question Golda. Golda, of course, has no idea what Allison is talking about and attacks her. Allison manages to fight her off and before she has a chance to stake her Tom shows up and stops her. He urges Allison to return home to her family, but not as a killer. Allison decides to be the bigger person and tells Golda that she will let her go. Golda is a heartless vampire and attacks Allison, but luckily Cutler stakes Golda. Cutler is now satisfied that he doesn’t have to deal with Golda and also happy that he looks good to Tom. Cutler has future plans with Tom, although this hasn’t been revealed yet.

Don’t Let The Door Slam On You On the Way Out

Annie is in a perpetual state of paranoia due to her responsibility of looking after Eve. Eve begins to cry and suddenly there is banging at the front door. Annie assumes it is the Old Ones and opens the door with violent force, knocking over the man on the other side. She is devastated to see that she just toppled over an elderly human man who was tired of hearing Eve cry. Even more upsetting is the fact that she caused his death and now feels the responsibility of helping him resolve his unfinished business so he can cross over.

The elderly gentleman, Emrys, proves to be a difficult new roomie. He is cranky and opinionated. Annie is growing tired of his demands but presses forward with her ambition to help him. Eventually they figure out that Emrys still harbored strong feelings for his ex-wife that left him for another man. Annie and Emrys pay his ex-wife a visit and proceed to scare the wits out of her and her new husband. This was exactly what Emrys needed and his door shows itself. Emrys crosses over, but before the door shuts, future Eve arrives and tells Annie who she is. Annie is hesitant to believe her, but Eve urges that this is fact and that Annie must come with her.

Quotable Quotes:

Allison to Tom and Hal:  “Don’t tell me you’re still on MySpace?”

Kane to Cutler: “You touch her…I’ll have to touch you.”
(Cutler glances down at his own naughty bits)
Kane to Cutler: “No, not like that. I meant with shock…and awe.” 

Hal to Annie: “I knew a ghost whose unfinished business was to castrate her brother-in-law. Something to do with inappropriate salsa dancing.”

Emrys to Annie: “I know I’m a grumpy old sod, but it’s hard being nice when all you’re used to is knockbacks.”

Kane to Tom: “Now are you going to twist or stick?”
Allison to Kane: “What does that even mean?”
Tom to Allison: “Allison.”
Allison to Kane: “No, seriously, everybody loves Bruce Willis, but he’s got a script. You’re making it up!”
Kane to Allison: “Shut up, or I’ll shut you up.”
Allison to Kane: “Ehh Ehh…Cliché!”
Kane to Allison: “How’s about I write a script in your neck like a deadly author with a poison pen? ‘Murder He Wrote’?”
Allison to Kane: “I would’ve said, ‘William Stake-Spear’.” 

Allison to Tom: “I’ve never been with a boy before.”
Tom to Allison: “Me neither…or a girl.” 

Annie to Tom: “Killing changes you, Look where I’ve ended up.”
Emrys to Tom and Annie: “Hacking down seniors in the twilight of their lives.”

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