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House of Horrors

“I fear we too are dying, for we live with madness.” The nightmarishly beautiful prose is but one reason to venture into the unnerving catacombs of House of Horrors, an anthology of short genre excursions by the indomitable Carole Gill. [...]

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A Sinister Solstice: Books to Chill You to the Bone this Holiday Season

After the slow steady parade of the changing seasons, the transformation of leaves from summer emerald to autumnal oranges, reds, and browns, we enter the diminutive days of the Season of Death. Winter. The air grows cold, the perfume of [...]

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Getting the Monsters Out of the Closet: A Chat with Horror Author Daniel W. Kelly

Daniel W. Kelly is the author of the LGBTQ themed horror outings “Closet Monsters,” “Horny Devils,” “Combustion” and his latest “No Place For Little Ones.” He also maintains an impressive online presence with his website The Dan Zone ( where [...]

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I Am ZoZo (2012) Review

The Ouija board is no mere toy, and anyone who has seriously used one can attest to its unusual influence and power. Not only that, it practically begs you to venture down its eerie path. I’ve certainly experienced the validity [...]

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Fresh Fear Review

Fresh Fear: Contemporary Horror, edited by William Cook for James Ward Kirk Publishing, is a tantalizing collection of horror stories purportedly from emerging new artists, though some names will be quite familiar to longtime genre fans. Any avid reader of [...]

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Scrooge (1970) Review

It’s the quintessential Christmas story, one that has been told many, many times throughout the years, and each and every retelling has its rabid fans. There have been dramas, comedies, cartoons, and even gender bending adaptations, but for me the [...]

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The Carnival 13 Book Review

Thirteen Authors. One Story. SAD House Press The Carnival 13 contains thirteen chapters, each written by a different artist. It’s a gloomy play on the classic gathering game. In a darkened room, the guests sit close. The host begins the [...]

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Curse of Chucky (2013) Review

“Hi, my name’s Chucky. Wanna play?” It’s as iconic now as anything uttered by Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, or Ghost Face. In fact, it’s a great tagline and everyone knows it. As a teenager I actually saw the first “Child’s Play” [...]

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Carrie (2013) Review

Carrie White, she’s among horror pantheon’s most well-known and even iconic anti-heroines, and without a doubt one of Stephen King’s greatest creations. The book was a bestseller. The 70s adaptation by Brian De Palma was an Academy Award nominated film, [...]

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