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**Obligatory Spoiler Warning**

During a thunderstorm at a Queen Consolidated Applied Sciences warehouse, something strong and fast has broken in and kills two security guards. Like single-handed neck breaking killing.

Moira Queen returns to Queen Consolidated and is awkwardly welcomed back by Felicity. Oliver and Moira walk in on a board meeting currently in progress and Isabel is not happy to see her. She pulls Oliver aside and tells him that his mother can’t be on the board because although the jury let her off, the city hasn’t. Isabel walks out as Digg comes in to tell Oliver of the break in.

Oliver, stop thinking like a son and start thinking like a CEO – Isabel

At a train station, a passenger holds a magazine over his head. “Science Showcase: S.T.A.R. LABS PARTICLE ACCELERATOR – IS IT SAFE” is written on the cover. He looks at his watch, and hurries off. (I already have a suspicion of this character.)

At the warehouse, Det. Lance tells Oliver and crew that he thinks there were three or four people that broke in.

Meanwhile, the train passenger rushes to catch a cab and just misses it as a passing car splashes him. (This guy can’t get a break, if only he were a little bit faster… oh, I see what they’re doing there.)

Det. Lance asks Oliver if there was anything worth stealing in the warehouse and makes a bad joke of having a spare earthquake machine lying around. A police tech shows what surveillance footage they were able to retrieve and it shows one very strong man hurl something at the camera to destroy it. The tech thinks that the other men must have left as the man from the train walks in and tells them that there was only one person involved. He introduces himself as Barry Allen of the Central City Police Department CSI Unit. Barry’s captain sent him to Starling City after reports of similar crimes. As the police tech asks Oliver for an inventory list, Barry tells them there was only one item, a centrifuge.

Barry walks them through the crime scene to support his one thief theory. Oliver looks concerned, annoyed and tired.

Anyway it’s just a theory… one backed by a lot of evidence – Barry Allen

On the island, Oliver and Sara help Slade while Shado follows the coordinates on the Hosen stone. Oliver is hopeful that they will find the serum on the Japanese sub for Slade’s sake. Shado asks Oliver about his relationship with Sara and he tells her that she was on his fathers boat with him.

At Queen Consolidated, Digg gives Oliver the inventory list from the Applied Sciences lab and tells him that Barry was right about what was stolen. Felicity finds neighboring security footage that shows one man carrying the very large centrifuge out to a van. Barry arrives to continue the investigation and Felicity explains to Oliver that she had requested that his investigation be kept in. She explains to him that Barry knows a lot more about what is going on and how they need him.

Why do I get a feeling that you know more about this than Felicity’s new friend? – Diggle 

At Queen Manor, Oliver apologizes to his mother about the board meeting and wants to throw a welcome home party for her. Thea and Roy show up but have to quickly leave after Roy gets a text message. Oliver looks annoyed.

While Barry is analyzing potential evidence from the thief’s footprints, he begins to probe Felicity for information on The Arrow. He shares his theories on the Arrow, where he came from, what arrows he uses, and the type of people he needs working with him. She asks him why he so interested and he tells her that his mother was murdered when he was 11 and the murderer was never caught. The chemical analysis reports that sugar was on the bottom of the thief’s foot.

Me personally, I think that he trained in some sort of forest or jungle environment and the green is a nod to that. – Barry Allen

Roy takes Thea to the alley behind Verdant. Sin sent Roy the text message saying there was an emergency. She tells him that her friend Max has been missing for a week hinting that Roy may know someone that could help. Thea offers Roy’s assistance and says that she’s coming with him.

Malcolm appears out of the shadows in Queen Manor and surprises Moira. He tells her that she is the reason he left Starling City so many years ago to join the League of Assassins and become the man he is today. He claims that Thea is all he has left and demands that Moira tells her the truth.

Oliver and Digg arrive at Applied Sciences and Barry tells them about the sugar that was found. Felicity and Barry discovered that a stolen sugar truck matched the vehicle in the surveillance footage. As they talk about tracking the truck, the truck pops up on the computer screen after robbing a blood bank. Oliver questions Barry on the similar case in Central City and Barry’s response is very shaky. He asks Digg to do a background check on Barry.

The Arrow rides his motorcycle in pursuit of the sugar truck. After jumping on the truck and attacking the driver, the driver punches him through the passenger side door.

While Felicity patches Oliver up back at the Arrow Cave, he tells Digg that he was holding information. He had seen people with abilities like this before, back on the island, the result of the Japanese super serum. Oliver tells them about Ivo and the plans Ivo had. He also tells him that Ivo was dead and the last of the serum was burned. Oliver gives Felicity an arrow that he stuck into the driver for a blood analysis. Digg tells Oliver that Barry isn’t who he says it.

Shado leads the group to the sub.

Felicity shares the blood sample with Barry and to his excitement learns that they are working the same case as The Arrow. She invites him to a work party.

There’s not going to be dancing is there? I’m just not too good on my feet – Barry

Sin, Roy and Thea investigate Max’s apartment. Roy finds a flyer for Sebastian Blood’s blood drive on the table. Sin tells him that Max went missing on the same day. As they leave, a police officer watching Max’s apartment calls Blood to tell him that people are looking for Max. Blood tells the officer to let them find him.

Barry and Felicity watch a news report about the STAR Labs particle accelerator as Oliver comes in and confronts Barry about being an assistant CSI, not being sent by his captain and Central City not having any open cases similar to this. He confesses that his father has been serving a life sentence and that he saw the man that killed his mother, a blur that left him 20 blocks away. If he can track down strange occurrences, then maybe he can find his mother’s killer. Barry tells Felicity that he won’t be going to the party and then leaves.

While at Moira’s party, Oliver apologizes to Felicity for overreacting. Thea and Moira walk into the empty ballroom as Felicity tells Oliver that he needs to apologize to his mother for being wrong about guests and friends wanting to welcome her home. Sin calls Roy and tells him that she found Max’s body. He tells her that he’ll be right there. When Thea asks if they found Max, he tells her no. Oliver makes it up to Felicity by inviting Barry to the party.

FYI, they will card him at the bar – Oliver

The Japanese Sub. The group climbs into the sub and Slade collapses against the wall. The rest of the group begins to search for the serum. When they find it, Sara tells Oliver that Slade needs a sedative in his blood for the serum to work. Not being able to find a sedative they weigh the options of giving him the serum without it. They hear footsteps from above, Ivo and his men.

Moira finishes up a meeting with an unknown person as Oliver and Thea walk into the room. She thanks him for the party and he apologizes for the turnout. He receives a phone call and has to leave. As Thea follows Oliver out of the room, Moira calls her back to tell her about Malcolm, but instead tells her that she loves her.

Barry has to leave Starling to save his job and leaves the sedative analysis with Felicity. They both stumble over their goodbyes and he leaves. (Are we calling them Balicity yet? Baricity?)

Roy arrives at the crime scene where Max’s body was found. Sin tells him the police said he overdosed but that he never did drugs. Roy takes a quick picture of the body and is quickly told to leave by an officer.

Felicity meets up at the Arrow Cave and tells Oliver that the thief used ketamine. She tracks down the only local source for the quantity of ketamine in the blood, a disaster bunker owned by ARGUS. As Oliver suits up, she warns him on the strength and muscle density of the thief. Digg interrupts to show Oliver camera footage of Roy’s arrow in the alleyway.

On the sub, Oliver explains the odds to Slade about the serum. Slade apologizes to Shado for never telling her how he felt about her as Oliver looks on in sadness and shock. Slade tells Oliver to give him the shot. As soon as he is given the shot, Slade starts reacting painfully.

In the alley, The Arrow arrives and Roy tells him that he needs his help. Roy shows him the photo of Max and The Arrow tells him to stay away from it. He tells him that is supposed to be The Arrow’s eyes and ears and that it isn’t good enough anymore. The Arrow tells him that they are done and Roy says that he has friends that can help. As Roy starts walking away, The Arrow says he can slow him down and releases an arrow into Roy’s leg.

Malcolm appears again to Moira to see if Thea had been prepared. She tells him no and that he will not be a part of Thea’s life and that she no longer fears him. He tells her no one can stop him and that even the vigilante couldn’t stop him. She says that one person can stop him, Ra’s al Ghul. She learned that the League of Assassins have a code of honor that Malcolm broke and how delighted Ra’s al Ghul was when he learned that Malcolm was still alive. She offers her advice and tells him to run.

The Arrow arrives at the bunker as boxes are being thrown at him. He pins the thief to a post and begins questioning him. The thief tells him that he is a follower and that the miracle serum saved him. He breaks free and charges as The Arrow releases two arrows into his feet. The Arrow starts to ineffectively beat up the thief. After the thief breaks free, he punches The Arrow into a box of medical supplies, of which a few syringes stick into him on impact. He passes out.

On the sub, Slade becomes unresponsive and is bleeding from the eyes as Ivo bursts into the room.

Digg and Felicity rush into the bunker in search of Oliver and find him passed out with the unknown syringes in his leg. She looks up the code on the syringe but can’t find any information. Digg calls 911 and Felicity tells him that they can’t save him…

Barry arrives at the train station just in time to miss his departure. As soon as he sits he gets a tranquilizer dart to the neck and wakes up in the Arrow Cave. He looks around the cave and see’s Oliver lying on a table, Digg is standing next to Oliver and Felicity asks Barry “Please save my friend.”

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Trick arrows used in this episode:

Bolo lasso arrow

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