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Before we begin the recap, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the cast and crew of Arrow for taking the time to play along with Bat Kid’s Make a Wish request. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… look it up! After you read the recap of course. 

**Obligatory Spoiler Warning**

We open with Moira’s confession speech from six months ago. The speech turns into a televised warning while prison guards are being order to evacuate. During the chaos of the earthquake, the now abandoned prison allows The Count to escape. During his escape, he passes the cell door keys to the Doll Maker, who as we know, escaped and tried killing Laurel a few episodes back.

Today. Oliver and Thea arrive at the courthouse and are mobbed by the media. The DA, ADA Donner and Laurel look on. Donner has something up his sleeve.

Flashback: The Island. Oliver has been returned to island to lead Ivo to the hideout he shared with Slade and Shado. When no one appears to be home, The Captain sets an explosive to destroy the hideout. Slade and Shado were hiding inside and manage to disarm the explosive before detonation.  Slade’s condition has not improved and he is still covered in burns on EXACTLY half of his body.

Today. Oliver, Digg, and Thea arrive at Moira’s trial. Oliver notices that Digg isn’t looking too good and sends him home to get rest.

During the hearing, Moira’s lawyer, Jean is doing her best to explain to the court that everything that Moira did was out of fear and the protection of her family.

State v. Queen

What would you do if it were your children in the crosshairs of a mad man’s rage? – Jean

In a dark alley, The Count meets with a scientist in a deal for a new batch of Vertigo. The scientist asks for more money and The Count kills him with a high dose of the drug and says he can’t wait for the city to beg for mercy.

Digg arrives at the office and passes out in front of Felicity. She brings Digg to the Arrowcave… and not a hospital… and tells Oliver that his blood sample came back positive for Vertigo. With all signs pointing to The Count, the team discovers that the prison had covered up The Count’s escape just as they covered up the Doll Maker’s.

Back in the courtroom, Adam Donner questions Thea about why it took her five months to visit her mother when he suddenly starts experiencing the effects of Vertigo and collapses.

You blamed your mother for what she had done, so why shouldn’t the jury? – ADA Donner

The island: Ivo is frantically searching the gravesite for The Hosen, an arrowhead that was reported to have been with the bodies. Not satisfied by Oliver’s answers, he orders The Captain to have Oliver lead him to his friends in order to kill them. Slade and Shado appear and demand the return of Oliver.

Present: Disguised as a paramedic, The Count kidnaps Donner as he is being loaded into the ambulance.

Jean tells Moira that her defense is not strong and that she needs to testify. Oliver supports that recommendation. He explains to her that all of the secrets and lies are what put her in this situation.

And now is the time to give the truth its day – Oliver

The Count hacked the TV signal and tells the citizens of Starling City that many of them are experiencing withdrawals from Vertigo. He also tells them that the only way to relieve the pain is buy more from their local Vertigo dealer. While being televised, he makes Donner beg for another dose to relieve the pain.

With Donner missing, the DA has made Laurel the lead on the trial. Laurel discovers what Donner has up his sleeve.

At Verdant, Roy shows up with boxing gloves to help Thea through her anger by letting her punch him.

Felicity analyzes the tape of Donner and discovers the City Seal for the Starling Municipal Records Department in the reflection of his eye. Oliver suits up.

Meanwhile, Laurel visits Moira to tell her Donner’s trump card in the case against her. Laurel tells Moira that she can’t testify because doing so will force her to cross-examine to the best of her abilities. She slides over a binder and shows Moira the evidence that Donner has against her and begs her not to testify.

The Arrow sneaks into the Records building and frees Donner. The Count has heard about the Arrow’s new aversion to killing and decides to test it out.

State v. Queen

You’re really on the ‘No Killing’ wagon. Shame… you’re really letting one of life’s true pleasures pass you bye – The Count

Moira tells Oliver and Thea about the evidence that Laurel has on her. She would rather that they learn about it from her and not during the trial. It turns out that many years ago. Moira had an affair with Malcolm Meryln.

In the courtroom we learn that she was able to protect Walter, her second husband, because she had asked Meryln not harm him and that the fears for her family during his abduction had actually been her fear of getting caught.

The only person who truly posed a danger to Moira Queen and her family, was Moira Queen – Laurel

The island: Oliver is cut loose and uses this a chance to grab Sara and run for cover as the fire fight begins.

Felicity and Digg discover that the Vertigo had been administered to the people of Starling City by flu vaccination truck. Digg is too ill to handle it, so Felicity goes instead.

She finds one of the trucks and discovers it is full of Vertigo. This had been a trap set for The Arrow but The Count catches her instead.

While waiting for the verdict, Oliver receives a call from Felicity only to hear The Count on the other line. He tells Oliver that he found Felicity’s employee badge and was able to put the pieces together that he is The Arrow.

Oliver arrives at the office as The Count is holding Felicity hostage. He tells Oliver that he was hired to draw him out and kill him. The Count holds a lethal injection of Vertigo to Felicities throat and orders Oliver to drop his bow. As the Count is about to kill Felicity, Oliver releases three arrows in his chest forcing The Count out of the window onto the street below.

Oliver arrives at the courthouse in time to heard jury’s verdict. Moira Queen is acquitted on all charges. Oliver is confused. He returns to the Arrowcave to check up on his team. He tells them that his mother should have been found guilty and he can’t explain how or why she got off. Digg has recovered and Felicity feels worse for what Oliver had done to save her.

You killed again and I am sorry I was the one that put you in the position where you had to make that kind of choice. – Felicity

The island: Shado confesses to having the Hosen and reads a series of number aloud inscribed on one side. Sara tells them that they are coordinates to the lost Japanese sub.

Now: Brother Blood is revealed at the one responsible for hiring The Count to kill the Arrow. While he’s upset that The Arrow is still alive, he is please when one of his experiments has not only survived but is feeling stronger.

Moira leaves the courthouse and is driven home. During the ride home, the driver makes a detour to an empty parking lot when MALCOLM FREAKING MERLYN appears and kills the driver! Meryln tells her he came back to the city because she needed his help, which by help, he means persuading the jury into finding her not guilty. He tells her that he had been watching the case and wanted to know if she had also been lying to him about everything they had together.

Imagine my joy of learning that Thea IS my daughter – Malcolm Meryln

Until next week…

Trick arrows used in this episode:

None… I was hoping for the boxing glove

If you pay attention to the news reports that have been in the background of a few of this seasons episodes, there has been reference to a S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator that is planned to be turned on. What do you think this is Internet? A lead in to the Flash series perhaps?

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