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Arrow S2E6 “Keep Your Enemies Closer” Recap

As instructed, Roy leaves an arrow in the alleyway as message for The Arrow. Felicity informs Oliver of the message and interrupts a meeting with Isabel about its urgency. As The Arrow, he confronts a gang of counterfeiters with the help of Digg as his spotter. One of the men run away as Roy tackles him and is quickly stopped by the police. Both Roy and the man are taken into custody.

As Digg tells Oliver that the site is secured, he is captured by a special opp.

He wakes up tied to a chair. Amanda Waller of A.R.G.U.S comes in to tell Digg that Agent Lyla Michaels hasn’t been heard from since going to Russia to follow up on lead on Deadshot. Waller tells him that she knows what he and Oliver have been up to during their nights and is told to bring her home.

“As far as they’re concerned, she’s already a framed picture on our lobby wall.” – Amanda Waller

Det. Lance begins to boast about how long it has been since arresting Roy when Roy tells him that he was working for The Arrow. When Det. Lance is asked if he was on “His” team, Roy is promptly released on the account of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, Digg tells Oliver that he has to go to Moscow to save Lyla. Without a second thought, Oliver tells Digg that he is going to help. Do you know why this was a good scene, because there is zero beating around the story bush. No secrets, no lies, just “I’m going to Moscow to find Lyla and here is why.” It makes for better storytelling if you ask me. You did ask me right?


Ivo introduces himself to Oliver and asks for his name. Sara gives Oliver a look of “don’t tell him” and he says “Tommy”.

He is asked how he got on the island and what he saw during his time there. Ivo tells him that there was a Japanese submarine lost on that island that contains World War II experiments in super strength.


While on the tarmac, Isabel arrives and decides that she’s joining the company outing.

Verdant. Moira’s lawyer, Jean tells Thea that she needs to break up with Roy in order to save her mother’s case. It wouldn’t look good is the jury found out that Thea was dating a felon.

Moscow. Oliver and Digg meet up with Anatoli Knyazev (The KGBeast) of the Solntsevskaya Bratva. They learn that Lyla was arrested for trying to break into a Gulag. They also learn that the only way to get inside the Gulag is to become a prisoner. Digg tells Oliver not to follow him because he is needed outside to help free he and Lyla.

Digg sets himself up with a bag of drugs in order to get arrested. I’m pretty sure it is left over blue meth from Breaking Bad. Digg tells Felicity the main reason he’s doing this is because Lyla used to be his wife. Oliver gives Digg a device to help during his escape.

Digg is beaten and arrested while sitting outside of an industrial building.


We are introduced to Anatoli as Oliver’s prison cell neighbor. Sara stops by to earn Oliver’s trust and explain that she doesn’t have any other choice but to help the mercenaries.

Back at the island, Shado tends to the severe burns that Slade received during the attack. Slade wants her to leave and get to higher ground. She refuses and wants to take care of him. He begins to go into shock and Shado comforts him.

Keep Your Enemies Closer

“When I care about someone, there isn’t anything I won’t do for them” – Shado


The Gulag. Digg is attacked by the prisoners-in-charge and is punished by the guards for defending himself. His punishment is to be handcuffed to a pipe for six hours in an freezer room. Digg sees another man handcuffed to the pipe… Deadshot.

“Well, that was pretty stupid. Then again, you never really were one of the brightest guys.” – Deadshot

Isabel drunkenly opens up to Oliver about her business goals and how she can tell that Oliver is hiding a strong man behind his irresponsible, playboy facade. She has him get he check and they have sex.

The prison guard that owed Anatoli a favor releases Digg. Shortly after, Deadshot managed to escape and kill the guard with an icicle. He tells Digg that he is now the only one that knows where Lyla is and if he ever wants to see her again, he will let him live.

“Do I strike you as someone that needs to cuddle?” – Isabel

Felicity arrives at Oliver’s hotel room and is heartbroken to see Isabel leaving.


Sara releases Oliver from his cell. Oliver promises to Anatoli that he will be back to free all of the prisoners. She takes him to a radio room in order to contact his friends on the island. As Shado responds, Sara rips the radio from Oliver’s hand. It was a trap to confirm that his friends were still alive.

Digg and Deadshot make their way through the Gulag and free Lyla.

The device that Digg hid in his clothes prior to his arrest explodes and sends the Gulag into chaos. Digg and Deadshot fight their way out of the prison when Oliver shows up to lend a hand and help them to the getaway car.

Upon being released, Deadshot tells Digg that he was hired to kill his brother from some group named H.I.V.E.

“Thank you. You had my back.” – Digg

“And now you know what it feels like” – Oliver

Moira tells Thea that she shouldn’t break up with Roy because her personal life isn’t going to affect the outcome of her case.

Oliver breaks it to Felicity that because of who he is, the only kind of woman he can be with is one that he can’t be romantically involved with. She accepts his answer, but still doesn’t like that he got together with Isabel.


As The Captain is about to kill Oliver, Sara tells Ivo that he could still be useful. Ivo says that Oliver will lead them to the burial site as soon as Shado and Slade have been killed.

“You’re going back to the island… Oliver” – Ivo

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Trick arrows used in this episode:

Explosive arrow

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