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Starling International Airport. A woman approaches customs and sets off the ARGUS alert when her passport is scanned. The police rush to apprehend her as she manages to take them all out and casually walk through the checkpoint.

At Queen Consolidated, Moira is lectured on how she should run her campaign, as Felicity pulls Walter aside to go over some investigative work on Tempest and Moira’s offshore accounts. She tells him there has been a recent money transfer and that he should look into it. Meanwhile, Det. Lance calls Oliver to let him know that Laurel is in the hospital.

At the hospital, Det. Lance and Laurel’s mother, Dinah, greet Oliver. Laurel swears that she didn’t OD and that she hadn’t been taking any pills. The nurse comes in to let the family know that there is something up with her eye. As Oliver and Dinah leave the room, Laurel grabs Det. Lance and tells him that she saw Sara right before blacking out.

At the Arrowcave, Sara is showing off on the Salmon Ladder. She thanks Oliver for calling her about Laurel and tells him that she needs to leave because the League is still after her. Det. Lance calls and wants to talk to Sara.

Six years ago. The Lance family is in the kitchen when Sara comes home from college for a three-day weekend.

Present. Sara meets Det. Lance at a Chinese restaurant. He reminds her that they are family and it’s time they start facing things together. Sara hugs him and leaves.

On the street, The Arrow watches Sara as the woman from the airport approaches her. She walks up to Sara and they start kissing. The Arrow is… surprised. Sara tells her that they should talk. The Arrow’s appears behind them. She introduces herself as Nyssa, Ra’s Al Ghoul’s daughter, and tells him that Sara swore her life to the League and she needs to come home.

“Goodbyes are never easy. Is that why I never got one?” – Nyssa

At Queen Manor, Felicity stops by to confront Moira about the Tempest wire transfer. She tells Moira that she doesn’t trust her and that she knows about the affair and the truth of Thea’s father. Moira, in a calming tone, basically cons Felicity into believing that if she tells Oliver that he will hate her and hold her personally responsible for ‘ripping out his heart’.

Sara and Nyssa talk on the waterfront. She tells Sara that her father sent her to make sure that Sara upheld her oath one way or another. Sara knows that she is there to kill her. She asks Nyssa to talk to Ra’s about releasing her from obligations.

At the Arrowcave, Oliver is taking out his rage on a tractor tire. Sara comes in to tell them that the League won’t let her go. Diggle comes back with the toxicology report on Laurel’s blood, she was poisoned.

Six years ago. Laurel tells Sara that she and Oliver are getting serious while Sara is making her boat trip plans with him.

At the hospital, an assassin kidnaps Dinah. Black Canary and The Arrow go after the Nyssa and the assassin. After a brief encounter, they get away.

Sara tells Det. Lance that it was her fault her mother was kidnapped. Not y her association with the League, but because she left Nyssa.

Six years ago. Laurel is apartment hunting while Oliver has gone on his boat trip. She sees a news report about the Queen’s Gambit being lost at sea.

Blood calls Oliver to tell him that he understands why he is pulling his contributions to his campaign. He’s inside Queen Consolidated waiting for Moira. She appears and Blood tells her to get out of the race. She tells him that she not be underestimated.

Sara and Det. Lance have a brief heart to heart about her falling in love with Nyssa.

“To take what you’ve been through these past six years… the pain, the loneliness, I’m just happy to hear you had someone to care for you.” – Det. Lance

The Arrow chases an assassin toward Sara and Lance. The assassin is beaten and takes poison before he can answer any questions.

At Moira’s campaign announcement, Oliver is about to introduce his mother when he notices tension between Felicity and Moira. He pulls Felicity aside to ask what is wrong. She tells him that something is wrong in his family.

Meanwhile, Sara tells Nyssa that she will return in exchange for her mother.

Det. Lance visits Laurel and is about to tell her about Sara when she calls to tell him that she found Dinah. He rushes out and Laurel follows.

Walter gives a warming speech about how Moira is a great mother. Oliver is called up to the podium after hearing the news about Thea. Through the shock, he pulls himself together and gets the crowd applauding. He whispers into Moira’s ear that he knows.

“You don’t know her like I do and you don’t know what she is capable of.” – Oliver

Oliver finds out that Sara ran off to confront Nyssa and he has to stop her or else Ra’s will create havoc for everyone.

As soon as Dinah finds out that Sara is still alive Lance drags her off in hysterics as Sara walks towards Nyssa and collapses from the dose of poison she had taken. While dying she tells Nyssa that couldn’t take the killing anymore. Det. Lance rushes in calling for paramedics, Dinah runs back in as well. Nyssa threatens to kill the Lance family as The Arrow shoots the dagger from her hand.

The two get into an archery battle when Sara asks The Arrow not to kill her before she collapses again. He rushes to her side to give her the antidote and revives her.

Nyssa releases Sara from the League as the police rush the building. The Lance’s run to Sara’s side as Laurel watches from a distance.

Oliver confronts Moira telling her that he has defended her over the last year because he believed in her, but because of her actions she has made a liar out of him. He tells her that they no longer have a relationship, but he will keep up appearances in public and for Thea.

“You lied because that is what you do and that is who you are mom… lies.” – Oliver

The Lance family celebrates the return of Sara as Laurel is pissed off at her for not calling. She blames Sara for everything wrong in her life and what happened to her family. She tells Sara to leave and throws a wine glass at the door.

Six years ago. Moira stops by the Lance house to tell Laurel that Sara was also on the boat.

Sara tells Oliver that Laurel isn’t thrilled to see her. He tells her that his mother isn’t who he thought she was. They start to make out and get busy.

Trick arrows used in this episode:

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