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We open to Blood paying a visit to his “aunt”… also known as his mother. He questions her on the visit that Laurel made a few days earlier. She had told Laurel that Blood killed his father and apologizes to him profusely. Blood says he forgives her and leaves the room only to return wearing his mask. We hear her screaming.

The Arrow has tracked down another criminal and questions him about Blood’s whereabouts. Felicity has set up an over the phone polygraph test to confirm whether or not the criminal is lying.

On the island, Oliver and Sara return to the plane wreckage hoping to find Slade. Sara suggests taking Ivo up on his offer. Oliver reminds her that Ivo killed Shado and that he can’t be trusted. She says that Ivo isn’t all that bad and that he’s just tired and frustrated.

I learned a lot too. This island taught me that you can’t trust anyone (Oliver)

Laurel is still popping pills when she gets a phone call from the hospital. They inform her that Maya died of a heart attack the night before. She tells the ADA that Blood is responsible and that he also killed his father. He doesn’t believe her and tells her that she is on her own.

Oliver stops by Verdant to visit Roy and thank him for saving Moira. He is especially curious about his wellbeing after having debris fall on him. Roy shrugs it off saying that it must have missed him.

It takes a lot to run towards danger, not from it. (Oliver)

In the Arrowcave, the gang comes up with ideas on how to track down the man in the skull mask. Det. Lance calls and says that someone wants to talk to the Arrow.

The Arrow finds Laurel waiting for him on a rooftop. Laurel tells him that Roy and Thea came to her earlier asking her to find information on Sin’s missing friend, Max. She also tells him about her suspicions of Blood and gives him the evidence that she found; that Blood is responsible for the deaths of four officers and his own parents.

I swear to you that Sebastian Blood is dangerous and you are the only person in this city that can stop him. (Laurel)

Felicity hacked Blood’s records and found that he had kept in contact with Cyrus Gold. Oliver asks Diggle and Felicity to dig deeper into Blood’s history. Diggle jumps to Blood’s defense and warns him that this all might be another trap set by Laurel.

In a secluded place along the railroad tracks, Sin meets up with Roy so he can show her his newfound ability… by punching through solid concrete. He tells her about when he went missing Blood injected him with something that killed Max but not himself. He tells her that Thea can’t know, not until he has more answers. Roy tells Sin that he doesn’t need the Arrow anymore and that he can take on the bad guys himself.

At Queen Consolidated, Felicity gives Oliver the information regarding Blood’s father. Oliver is told that the file was sealed over 20 years ago and that he would have to go directly to the file archives in order to find. Felicity tells him that he would need a key card to get in and that he would have no idea on where to start looking. Oliver suggests that Laurel would know.

The Arrow shows up to Laurel’s room as she… you guessed it… is popping pills. He tells her that he needs her help.

On the island, Sara talks about the things she misses from her home life. Oliver tells her that they will find a way home. He tells her that everything that has happened to them has been his fault and that if she never accepted his invitation that she would be fine. She says that no one is who they seem.

While Oliver is asleep, Sara grabs the radio and leaves the camp.

The Arrow and Laurel break in to the file room at Starling City Archives while Felicity shuts down the surveillance cameras. A security guard notices this and reboots the system only catches a glimpse of the Arrow ducking behind a row of files. The police have been called and time is running out.

Laurel finds the file on Blood as the police rush in. The Arrow tells her to wait for him by the East wall as he creates a distraction. While the police are chasing him, he releases an arrow, grabs Laurel, and jumps out of a window. Once on the ground, Laurel opens up the file to find it is empty.

Later that evening, Felicity combs through the security footage to see who had stolen the file. The only thing she found was a corrupt video file from a few days prior. She suggests that it was as inside job.

Roy catches Thea and asks if she is still mad at him. She walks off as Sin shows up. Sin tells Roy about the “Starling Slasher” and how he is a high-powered attorney. Roy suggests that Sin become the bait to lure the Slasher out of hiding.

Oliver stops off to at Blood’s campaign headquarters to ask him a few questions about Laurel. Blood tells him that he hadn’t really talked to her and that they both have been too busy to talk.

On the street, Sin, disguised as prostitute, waits for the Slasher to appear. A car pulls up and tells her to get in the car. They arrive at an empty parking garage and park. He compliments her and she calls him disgusting. He pulls out a knife moments before Roy arrives and rips the door off the hinges and throws the Slasher across the parking lot. Roy goes into berserker mode on the Slasher as Sin runs to try and stop him from killing the guy. Roy back hands her and finally stops. Sin tells him that they have to call an ambulance.

At Blood’s Campaign Headquarters, Slade reads from Blood’s file that went missing. Slade tells him that the ball was dropped and their plans were almost discovered. He tells him that Laurel is the problem and that she needs to be taken care of. Blood calls Officer Daly to take care of the problem.

Laurel arrives at home to see that someone had broken in. She announces that she will call the police as Officer Daly enters the room. He pulls out a warrant and she is quickly arrested for possession of a controlled substance… the pills she has been popping.

Det. Lance arrives at the station to see her handcuffed. She tells him that Blood is setting her up and trying to discredit her. Det. Lance tells her that she has tested positive for opiates and has been lying and stealing from him as he slams down a bottle of pills prescribed to him. He tells her that she is paranoid about Blood and it is because of the drugs. She begs for him to believe her and he tells her that he doesn’t.

On the island, Sara radios Ivo and asks what his intentions were. He says that he never planned on anyone getting hurt and that he only wanted to save people. He tells her that he needs her to come back and save him from himself.

Roy and Sin check in on the Slasher at the hospital. Sin has a very large fresh bruise on her face. The doctor tells them about all of the injuries that were sustained and that he should recover. Sin asks Roy about his rage mode and he isn’t able to give her answers. Sin had also called Thea and told her to come to the hospital. When Thea arrives she asks about the man in the ICU. Sin tells her that they are the reason why he’s there. Thea isn’t mad about the situation; she only wants to be let in on what is happening to him. Roy runs off.

Oliver helps Laurel clean up her apartment. He promises not to lecture her about her actions, but ends up doing so anyway. She asks him for a glass of water and he leaves the room. When he returns, he is hit upside the head and knocked unconscious. Blood, in the skull mask orders Oliver to be left alone and that he isn’t important. Laurel is grabbed by two of Blood’s henchmen. Oliver comes to and sees a message painted on the wall, “Tell the Arrow Starling Cannery.”

Laurel walks through the cannery and see’s Blood in the mask. She calls him out as Blood and he tells her that she knows nothing. The Arrow shows up and demands that she be released. The two begin to fight. Again, another really strongly choreographed action scene.

Blood pulls out a gun and is about to fire off a shot when Laurel starts to gun him down with her own gun. The unmask him and discover that it is Officer Daly!

At the station, Det. Lance rushes to Laurel’s aid and tells him that Daly was the orchestrator of everything. The ADA tells her that she won’t be changed with Daly’s death and asks her is she has a substance abuse problem. She doesn’t answer him and he tells her that she is fired.

At the Arrowcave, Oliver says that Laurel had him believing that Blood was a criminal mastermind. He says that she has always been a blind spot to him and that it can’t happen anymore. Diggle says that everything is over and done with as Oliver watches Roy from a security camera.

Oliver goes into the club and talks to Thea. She tells him that Roy put someone in the hospital and that she doesn’t understand what is happening to him.

On the island, Sara continues talking to Ivo about the atrocities that he had performed on the ship. She would rather be on the island than with him. Ivo quickly turns and tells her that he will hunt them both down. She turns off the radio and Oliver walks up behind her.

Blood walks into Slade’s office and tells him that the cleanup is done and that everyone thinks that Daly was behind everything. Slade tells him that it isn’t good enough and comes out in costume killing three of Blood’s guards. He tells Blood that he is responsible for the killing of four people (Daly and the three guards) and that if he fails again, he will become the fifth.

The Arrow arrives in the alley to talk to Roy. Roy quickly jumps to attack him. The Arrow tells him everything he knows about the serum and that Roy needs to be careful. He offers to help him and teach him to control his new abilities.

When do we start. (Roy)

Trick arrows used in this episode:

Flash bang arrow

Grapple arrow

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