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**Obligatory Spoiler Warning**

We return from the mid-season break to the Arrow chasing down a drug dealer that may have answers for the identity of the man in the skull mask. The man has no answers for him.

Oliver has been chasing people down for 5 weeks with no luck. He tells Diggle about his fear of an army of super soldiers. Meanwhile, Felicity is spending time with Barry, who has been in a coma after the particle accelerator blast.

Flashback to the island. Oliver, Sara and Slade bury Shado. Slade hands Oliver a green hood telling him she would want him to have it, he then storms off. Oliver wants to tell Slade that he is responsible for Shado’s death, Sara urges him not to and that it was ultimately Ivo’s fault that Shado is dead. She warns him that Slade has the Mirakuru serum in his blood and that his mind and body may have been affected.

Present. Laurel is popping pills when the DA comes in. She tells him that she has been researching Sebastian Blood and his connections with the Langford Psychiatric Institute and Cyrus Gold. She heads out for her date with Sebastian Blood.

At Verdant. Oliver speaks at a rally for Blood. Thea and Oliver talk about how Roy has been doing since being shot by an arrow. Blood thanks Oliver for his speech and leaves Laurel and Oliver to play catch up. She tells him that she doesn’t feel like she knows the real Blood.

A man sitting in a car gives himself a speech about slaves to the corrupt governments and blows up a building declaring war on the city.

At the Arrowcave, Diggle patches into the emergency signals to monitor the explosion and Oliver suits up.

The Arrow shows up to the burning building to help out a survivor. He disappears before the man can thank him.

Back on the island, Oliver and Sara catch up to Slade. Slade tells them that he plans on going after Ivo. Sara warns him and Slade begins to show signs that he has gone crazy.

Diggle finds a manifesto that might belong to the bomber. Felicity arrives after hearing about the bombing. Barry is still in a coma.

I prefer sleeping to coma, because coma sounds, you know… not fun. – Felicity

Laurel stops by Bloods campaign office. She asks him about Cyrus Gold and Blood tells her that Gold helped him as a child. She continues to ask him about his parents and Blood tells her about the bad memories that he has. He walks about his office leaving her to feel bad for her questioning. She discovers that he is paying bills of a woman named Maya Resik.

Thea and Roy discuss their problems and that their relationship is the only thing holding him together. As they are about to “make up” against a shelf, a crate of glasses falls off and cuts Roy’s arm. Thea runs off to grab a first aid kit as Roy looks at his arm with curiosity rather than pain.

Det. Lance meets The Arrow on a rooftop. Lance gives him evidence of the explosion and in exchange asks the Arrow to give him phone records for every officer in the department. Lance thinks there’s a leak. Another building explodes.

Felicity traces the location of the bomber and The Arrow begins to close in on him.  The van’s signal is lost after the bomber throws a smoke grenade from his van.

At the Arrowcave, Oliver blames Felicity for losing the bomber and that her mind is too focused on Barry.

I think you didn’t have a problem with Felicity’s performance until she met Barry Allen. – Diggle

The island. As Slade is choking Oliver, Sara breaks his concentration by hitting him with a very large stick. He realizes what he had almost done and apologies while collapsing up against a tree. Sara tells him that the Mirakuru is messing with his brain.

Present. Laurel asks her father for help in finding Maya Resik.

At Queen Manor, Oliver and Moira watch Bloods televised campaign.

Oliver stops by as the Arrow to warn Blood that he will be making himself a target by rallying against terrorism.

Felicity tracks down the bombers IP address from a militia website under the username Shrapnel. She managed to trace it down to a nearby souvenir shop. Oliver heads to the shop and tells Diggle to go to the rally.

Lance tells Laurel that Maya Resik is Blood’s mentally ill aunt.  He tells her that Blood seems to be a good guy and that Laurel should stop searching for bad things about him.

The Arrow gets caught in a laser trap while investigating the souvenir shop. Shrapnel’s voice comes on to tell The Arrow that the unity rally has been rigged with explosives as well as within the walls of the shop. A TV screen turns on to show the rally as The Arrow see’s Moira, Thea and Roy on the screen.

Felicity looks up blueprints and tells him of the building’s faulty wiring and that he can trip a fuse if he can manage to cut one of the wires. He releases an arrow into a fuse box and kills the power to the building.

Diggle finds one of the bombs at the rally hidden in the sound system and tells Felicity that she needs to disarm it. Shrapnel tells them to back away. Diggle is shot while trying to rush him.

Shrapnel tries to create a distraction by throwing a bomb into the crowd. The Arrow shoots it while it above the crowd. The explosion caused a lighting scaffolding to fall towards Moira. Roy rushes to her aid and catches it with his back. It looks like the Mirakuru serum worked on him after all.

The Arrow goes after Shrapnel and diffuses the situation… see what I did there? Shrapnel is arrested.

Thea tells Roy that what he did to save Moira was impossible and notices that the cut on his arm had completely healed. He panics and quickly leaves Verdant.

At the Arrowcave, Oliver tells Felicity how much he relies on Felicity and Diggle.

You’re not my employee… you’re my partner. – Oliver

On the island. Ivo radios Sara and says that he wants the serum or else he will lay waste to the island. He promises to allow them safe passage if they hand the Mirakuru over. Slade has gone missing, along with the serum.

Laurel stops by the hospital to visit Maya Resin. She tells Laurel that Blood is the devil and that he put her in the hospital and made everyone think she was insane. Maya tells her that Blood killed his father. Laurel figures out that Maya is really Blood’s mother. She is warned not to trust anything that Blood says.

Meanwhile, Blood suggests that he and The Arrow team up to help save the city.

Trick arrows used in this episode:

Bolo Arrow

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