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Original Air Date (CW): Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WARNING: This article contains spoilers.

And so ends the first season of Arrow.

After last week’s cliffhanger — in which Malcolm de-hooded Oliver after a fight — “Sacrifice” starts off with Oliver hanging by his wrists in a deserted room, held captive by Malcolm. Being left to presumably die, Oliver’s instincts kick in, and he manages to free himself and fight off some miscreants.

Back in the comfort of his own home, Oliver confronts Moira about the plan in place to level The Glades, and her role in it. During their talk, Oliver reveals to his mom that during the shipwreck, Robert — in an act of sacrifice — killed himself so Oliver would have a fighting chance. Feeling guilty about the course of events that have unfolded, Moira holds a press conference where she admits to playing at part in the Undertaking. She also outs Malcolm. The last image we see of Moira this season was her being arrested.

Speaking of trouble with the police, Felicity is brought in to talk to Detective Lance regarding her recent spree of computer hacking. Luckily for Felicity, Lance gets a call from The Hood, explaining the Undertaking plan.

Lance puts his job on the line, telling his department what The Hood has told him. His honesty gets him nowhere, as he is suspended from duty. This doesn’t stop Detective Lance from saving the city. With Felicity’s help, he takes it upon himself to shut down the reactor that will trigger the Undertaking. He succeeds, but as we find out during the final confrontation between Oliver and Malcolm, there is a second trigger source. Detective Lance does not make it in time and the Undertaking begins its destruction of The Glades.

As residents of The Glades evacuate, they are put in life-threatening situations. At one point, Roy Harper steps in to save people stuck on a bus. Meanwhile, Laurel, going against her father’s wishes, stays at work — her building crumbles during the disaster, trapping her inside. As she lies pinned down on the ground, she screams for help… and in comes Tommy to rescue her. After freeing the woman he loves, the building pretty much explodes and Tommy is seriously wounded. Oliver has now arrived to try and rescue Tommy. Tommy asks Oliver if he killed his father during their earlier battle. Oliver tells him no (it wasn’t explained if he actually died or not). After this, Tommy succumbs to his injuries in a very emotional scene.

The episode ends with a shot of Starling City literally falling apart.

“Sacrifice” left a lot of questions unanswered. A big one as I mentioned is whether or not Malcolm died. Also left unanswered was how  Oliver got off the island? We finally see the climax to the whole Fyers situation, but we fail to get a resolution to as to what happens next. I’m sure that we will get an answer soon.

How soon you ask? Arrow will be back for a second season in October of this year. Until then, see you next time, Arrow Heads.

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