Friday, December 15, 2017

American Horror Story: Cult may surprise us all

American Horror Story: Cult is set to debut on September 5 and they really have us wondering what the theme of the show is going to be.

American Horror Story: Cult is coming. Set to debut on September 5, showrunners had us thinking the show was going to be centered on the 2016 presidential election, but these days it seems like it will be focused on anything but that.

Things are never what they seem with American Horror Story. Season 6 was kept under wraps until the premiere. The creepy nun from season 2 promos never materialized. No one ever really knows what the show is going to be about until it airs, and then fans have to buckle their seatbelts and go along for the ride.

Nothing about the promo spots for season 7 seem to indicate an election theme. “Cult” can mean a lot of things. The images of beehives and groups of clowns that all look alive certainly seem to point to a hive mentality, which fits with the definition of a cult, certainly, and the hive mentality could also lend itself to politics. People who vote party lines without stopping to think about their decisions could be said to be following a hive mentality.

We have just over a month before we get to see what American Horror Story: Cult will bring. We’ll be watching…will you?

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